'Nisshin no Donbei backfat-style pork garlic rich chili oil thick soba' is a cup of soba that is entwined with backfat.

On October 13, 2020, Seven-Eleven will release instant cup noodles 'Nisshin Donbei backfat-style pork garlic rich chili oil thick soba '. It is said that the thick noodle soba with a good taste and the rich tonkotsu soup with garlic have a taste that is so tight that it overturns the preconceived notion that 'soba is light', so actually eat it. I tried to experience the feeling.

Nissin Donbei Backfat-style pork garlic rich chili oil thick soba | Seven-Eleven-close and convenient-

The package of 'Nisshin's Donbei backfat-style pork garlic rich chili oil thick soba' is based on red, and the 'Donbei' logo is placed large.

The letters 'pork garlic'

have a color scheme reminiscent of Jiro .

A small bag of 'specially made thick oil', which is a pork garlic-flavored chili oil, is attached to the lid of the package.

This time it is 'Taisoba', so if you look at the raw material name, it is stated that 'buckwheat flour' is used for fried noodles. The ingredients of the soup are pork-based such as 'pork fat' and 'pork seasoning', and the spices are 'garlic' at the beginning and 'processed lard' at the beginning.

Calories are 470kcal per 100g of meal.

First, remove the pouch on the lid ...


Looking inside, the color of the buckwheat itself is soba.

There was solid lard in it.

Let's actually cook. The amount of hot water required to make it is about 430 ml.

The waiting time is a long 5 minutes. While waiting, warm the pouch on the lid.

After 5 minutes, add the special thick oil in the pouch.

Stir well ...


When I try to eat it, the sweetness of the buckwheat flour itself and the spiciness of the chili oil added afterwards are much clearer than the garlic and pork that are the base of the soup, so the impression is that it is much lighter than the gutsuri ramen. There is only Donbei and there is elasticity near it, and the 'raw soba' character is reproduced.

The soup has a taste of garlic and buckwheat, and if you want the garlic's savory impact, you may eat it. If anything, it tasted like it was located on the extension of

chili oil soba.

'Nisshin Donbei backfat-style pork garlic rich chili oil thick soba' can be purchased at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide from October 13, 2020 (Tuesday). The price is 220 yen excluding tax.

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