I tried ``Nissin's Donbei Special Ramen Soup!? Tempura Soba'' where soy sauce-based ramen soup and soba go well together.

'Nissin Donbei Tokumori Ramen Soup !? Tempura Soba', which arranges the tempura soba soup of 'Nissin Donbei' into a soy sauce-based ramen soup with black pepper, will be released on January 29, 2024. It will appear on Sunday (Monday). The real thing was sent to the editorial department a little earlier, so I tried eating it to see if ramen soup and tempura soba really go well together.

“Nissin Donbei Special Ramen Soup!? Tempura Soba” (released January 29th) | Nissin Foods Group


The package of ``Nissin Donbei Special Ramen Soup!? Tempura Soba'' looks like this.

Not only is the soup made into ramen soup, but the content is also said to be ``special serving''.

In the regular 'Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba', ingredients typical of Japanese soups are used in the soup, such as bonito seasoning, bonito powder, shichimi chili pepper, konbu powder, and konbu seasoning. On the other hand, ``Nissin's Donbei Special Ramen Soup!? Tempura Soba'' uses ingredients typical of ramen soup, such as pork fat, garlic, ginger, black pepper, and pork seasoning. It's a feature. In addition, kayaku also contains naru in addition to tempura.

Calories are 640kcal per 142g serving. In addition, the regular '

Nissin Donbei Tempura Soba (East) ' has a content of 100g per serving and a calorie of 487kcal (486kcal in the West Japan version ), and 'Nissin Donbei Tokumori Ramen Soup!? Tempura' 'Soba' is certainly the size of 'Tokumori'.

When I opened the lid, a bag of liquid soup and tempura came out from inside. In addition, Naru is on top of the instant noodles as it is.

Pour boiling water and wait 3 minutes while warming the liquid soup on the lid.

After 3 minutes, add the liquid soup and mix well. The scent of the liquid soup is clearly that of soy sauce ramen, and it feels strange when you put it on the side.

Finally, top it with tempura and it's done.

First of all, when I tried drinking only the soup, I could not feel the taste of soba soup and it definitely tasted like a light soy sauce ramen.

As I slurped the noodles, I wondered, “Does it really go well together?” The soy sauce-based soup with the umami of pork, black pepper, and garlic punch went perfectly with the thin noodles. I quickly got used to the fragrant flavor of soba. At first, you may feel a difference in the taste of soba compared to what you would imagine from its appearance, but as you eat more and more, you will get the impression that it has just the right amount of junk.

The crispy tempura that remains on top is also a nice accent.

``Nissin's Donbei Extra Ramen Soup!? Tempura Soba'' will be available for purchase at retail stores nationwide from January 29, 2024 (Monday), and the suggested retail price is 285 yen excluding tax.

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