Web reservation acceptance of 'Nintendo 3DS', access rushes and instantly ends at various places

From todayMajor consumer electronics mass merchants store each companyYaMajor online shopping site "Amazon.co.jp"Has started accepting reservations for "Nintendo 3DS" at the same time, but it became clear that it was completed in less than 30 minutes from the start of reservation reception.

The situation where pages can not be displayed due to access rush is one after another, "I thought that the page could be displayed properly, the reservation reception had already endedThere are also cases in which the case is called.

Details are as below.
"Amazon.co.jp" starts reservation reception of Nintendo 3DS from around 9:30. Although it succeeds to put it in the cart, this screen is displayed as many times as trying to settle it.

Beginning of reservation The reservation reception has been completed for both Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue in less than 30 minutes.

Amazon.co.jp: Nintendo 3DS Cosmo Black: Game

Amazon.co.jp: Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue: Game

Also adopted in Yodobashi Camera 's Yodobashi Cam, which started reception at 9:30, distributes ordered tickets. After reading what is written on the page, clicking "Proceed to Procedure" to do ordering ... ....

The page is not displayed.

I thought that I finally got connected, the reservation reception had already ended.

It is announced that the reception has ended even on the reservation page.

Yodobashi.com - dot · com news list - Saturday February 26 at Yodobashi · dot · com Release of "Nintendo 3DS" reservation acceptance has ended

And the reservation screen at "sofmap.com" which had been accepting reservations from around 9:30 is like this. If you click "Reserve" while expecting ... ...

Recommended items are displayed as "Before entering the cart". "Please put it in the cart as it is" Please think "Please put it in the cart" while thinking.

A screen is displayed indicating that access is concentrated and it is difficult to connect.

Reservation reception ended while challenging several times. Currently the characters "end of limited number" and "out of stock" are displayed.

【Game】 Nintendo 3DS Reservation Announcement | sofmap.com

Sure enough, it has resulted in a harsh competition, but it would be a good idea to try out if people who could not make a reservation can make reservations at suburban mass retailers or game shops .

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