The most searched keywords on adult sites during Christmas period are

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Christmas time around December 25 is a time when families and friends get together and spend time together, but the adult movie site's "Pornhub"Has published data summarizing what kind of keywords were used during the Christmas period of 2013.

XXXmas with Pornhub - Pornhub Insights

◆ Word and number of searches increased during the period
Here is a list of words searched frequently during Christmas time and a graph showing elongation rate. It was the keyword reminiscent of "dont Santa" naughty santa's helper (helper Santa's helper) that showed an increase of 2692% compared with the normal period. It was 2462% who put the second place to the second place, "fucking dads girlfriend" (fucking with his dad's girlfriend), this is also an unavoidable keyword. The word "christmas fuck (Christmas fuck)" is very easy to follow in the third place. Although words like muzzles are lined up after that, the word "elf (fairy)" with an increase rate of 112% is also quite interesting.

◆ Number of searches for "Christmas" related words
This is a graph comparing searches that collected only words related to "Christmas". Following "christmas" in 1st place and "xmas sex" in 2nd place, key words ranked in fourth place with a sense of virtue called "black santa (black santa)". Then again again "santa helper" ranked in, "santa baby (Santa baby)", "mrs. Clause (Santa girl)", "santa girl (Santa girl)" Apparently Santa Claus is a site of Pornhub But it seems it was becoming "the person of time".

◆ Statistics etc. by state in the United States
In the following interactive graph, you can see the trends in the state of the United States. The value of the graph changes when you click on the area labeled "Region" in the upper right, and the value of the graph changes, and the result that "christmas" is a victory in any state is indicated, but for example, in the State of Hawaii It is also interesting to see the different results for each state, such as "asian (Asian)" in the second place, "cartoon (manga)" in Maine state, "hentai" in Mississippi . Iron plate keywords other than "christmas" include "teen" and "massage (massage)", "milf (milf:MOtherI'DLIke toFAbbreviation of uck) "etc ranked in.

◆ Reduction rate of traffic volume
As I thought, it is said that the traffic volume of Pornhub itself is decreasing greatly during the Christmas period, and the traffic on Christmas Eve day is decreasing by 43% at the time of Christmas Eve. As I am on the Christmas day the next day, I am 26% lower, as I have already spent time with my family and friends on Christmas Eve in the U.S., which highlights the difficulty of using pornographic sites.

Here is a graph comparing traffic reduction rate on Christmas day on a country basis. The first place is 36% lower in the UK, followed by 34% in Australia, etc. In fact, we see that the USA with the 26% decrease is located in the 7th place. The decline rate in Japan is 7%, which is a concern as to whether it represents a cultural difference or there is something else reason. Turkey, Egypt, Serbia, Ukraine, Taiwan, India etc also showed very interesting data that traffic is increasing more on us day than usual on Christmas day.

Below is a graph showing the rate of decrease by region in the United States. The most reduced traffic is in Maine State and the Columbia Special District with the capital, both with a 28% reduction. Delaware state continues in 27% of the difference. On the other hand, Arizona and Kentucky were the areas where the traffic did not decrease most.

Access rate by terminal
Lastly, the type of terminal that accessed the site. The most common was 56% of mobile terminals. Interestingly, the difference in the depression rate for each terminal shown at the bottom of the graph. While desktops are falling as much as -28%, while mobile terminals are down by only 16% it seems a glimpse of the difficulty of accessing from the desktop during the period.

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