I went to a store originating from Ramen Ichiran who adopted "taste concentration counter"

Tonkotsu ramen specialty shop · Ichiru is a store that adopts "taste concentration counter" which allows you to focus on just eating ramen without worrying about other people's eyes. Born in Hakata, not only in Kyushu but also in the metropolitan area, Osaka, Kyoto etc. We have a wide range of stores, but it is said that there are shops originating in Fukuoka City Minami-ku, so at the "flavor concentration counter" I decided to eat ramen.

Natural Tonkotsu Ramen Ichiran

Natural Tonkotsu Ramen Iran's birthplace store Nanaogawa store ~ ​​The birthplace store ~ ​​(Kyushu)

The address is 2 - 10 in Nagano River Minami - ku, Fukuoka - ken, 7 - minute walk from Nishitetsu Hirao station, about 3 minutes on foot from Nishitetsu bus 'Nana - gawa' bus stop.

So, I will take a bus from Hakata station front. If you go to the left side of the picture by walking through the "Nana river" bus stop, go to the Hakata Ekimae B stop for the 65 lines "Hinohara branch office", if you are next to the C · D platform 64 · 66 · 67 · It is possible to go either 69 or 69-1.

Take the train from Hakata station, there are three Nagasawa bus stops "Kyudenwa front", "Hirao direction", "Shimizu-machi area". This time I got off in front of Kudenko at the furthest place, but it was still a 5 minute walk away.

The shop looks something like this, and it is a bit streety.

Keeping along Nippon Red Street, the parking lot / bicycle parking lot is about 1 minute walk from the shop north side.

First of all, I purchased a ticket at the ticket vending machine in front of the shop.

The classic is ramen + substitute (980 yen), 790 yen only for ramen. Since it is Tonkotsu Ramen specialty shop, you do not have to worry about "doing it in salt or soy sauce", just think about whether to add rice or what to do with topping.

The biggest feature of Ichiran is that it is a seat called 'taste concentrating counter', next to the front and the front divided. This was made from the idea that "When human beings want to determine the taste they concentrate only on the taste", even if the customers concentrate and they feel delicious even if they are eaten Appearance of self-confidence. I have also obtained a patent.

So when you sit down, your sight is like this.

Although I have already purchased the tickets, by filling in what the richness of the taste of that ramen will be, how much it will be done, etc., I will make your favorite ramen. This time I ordered faithfully to the basic.

Just at the height of the line of sight is a panel of commitment to Ichiran's ramen and delicious eating.

When reading the panel, the ramen arrived in no time. When the ramen is placed, the blind in front of the eyes is lowered, the line of sight from the clerk is also obstructed, completely into the space of yourself.

It is natural that you are cool as well.

That is why everything looks like this.

This is a thin noodle in a cloudy soup called Tonkotsu Ramen. It seems that it looks red red in the center, boasting of Ichiran "Red secrets."

The soup is a feeling that the umami is tightly condensed in the street as it looks like, but it does not hang heavily on the stomach, but there is a reason to drink guiiigu if you are not careful.

The compatibility between noodles and soup is obviously incomprehensible, preeminent. This time I made the hardness of noodles "basic", but I want to try various kinds of hardness.

Chashued does not disturb the taste of ramen, but it is a pleasant presence.

"Secret noodle" is a mixture of thirty kinds of ingredients, mainly of chilli, with spicy taste like chili peppers fluffy around the upper jaw. It is never "spicy", but it seems to add a taste in the mouth to eat ramen deliciously.

By the way, because the back of the chopsticks bag is supplementary order paper, I did not intend to eat substitute but if you want to change it I can use it.

We also sell souvenirs.

Because the inside aisle is a one-way street, after having finished eating, just go out following the arrow. Since the exit is exclusive, there is no fear of passing by someone. Perhaps this is also a popular point for women and others.

The shop is open 24 hours, so you can see the cooking scene from outside. In the case of the Nagawa river shop, it seems to be a bit crowded at 12 o'clock in the day and night to late night.

Because the bus stop in the direction of Tenjin / Hakata station is very close to the store, you can eat and go home. In the first place, it also opens in the underground shopping district of Tenjin and Hakata, so you can eat without having to go to the Nana River.

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