I ate Tokyo ramen at a noodle shop "noodle shop wisteria" in the mountains at least an hour from the city by car

There is a ramen shop where there is a ramen shop that is near the station and enters the shop quickly and orders to finish eating and going out, but there are also places where it is hard to go to the store in the first place. One such shop is "Noodle Shop Fuji" which is in the top in the eating log "Tokushima Ramen". It is a long distance away from the center of Tokushima city by car, but I was concerned about the high reputation of ramen, so I thought this would have to go and visited.

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The place is Coco, "Tokushima-ken Naka-gun Naka-machi Yoshino Mimorinoshita 70-1". There is no such thing as a landmark in the surroundings.

It shows such a route from the front of Tokushima station. The nearest bus stop is "Yoshinaka" on the Tokushima bus, about 10 minutes on foot from the bus stop. It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes from the Tokushima station to the Kawaguchi branch office.

Although it seemed interesting to go by bus, the fare took 1450 yen on one way and exceeded the ramen fee, so I decided to go by car this time. First off from the cityNational highway No. 55Take the south and turn right at the intersection near the Katsuura River Bridge. The photo above the Katsuura River Bridge.

After turning rightTokushima Prefectural Highway No. 16 Tokushima Kamioka LineIt enters. It is a route with a scenic view along the river, although there are many track trips in one lane on one side.

I am running a long way ahead, but turn left on the wayPrefectural road No. 22 Anan Katsuoura lineIt enters. There is a signal at the intersection where you turn left, Lawson is a landmark. In this area it will be headed for directions written as "Naga (Old) Egashiri".

Because the prefectural road No. 22 heads to Anan, turn right at the area around the Nakagawa RiverPrefectural Highway No. 28 Anan Komatsushima LineWhat. I will run on the north bank of the Nakagawa River.

I thought that it was always along the river, and as I headed down the street I decided to cross mountains. There are also narrower sections than the section of the photograph, so people who are not confident of driving will turn around, but National Highway No. 55National Highway No. 195It might be better to go round the ocean by the sea.

The prefectural highway 28 will eventually merge with the National Highway No. 195. In addition, I will head towards "(Old) Egashiri".

The national highway comes out along the Nakagawa River, and goes to Kunekune and the west so as to line up with the river.

A single ramen shop suddenly appears this way. It is on the left side of the road as it arrived and it turned around, but the shop is on the right hand side from the Tokushima side.

Looking back in the direction I ran, it looks like this. It is really a feeling "suddenly a ramen shop!"

Confirm that goodwill is applied, the lantern of "Tokyo ramen" is also going down.

The menu looks something like this, the main is "Soy Sauce Lamen" with a size of 680 yen in average, "Black soy sauce Lamen" of a similar size of 710 yen, "Soy Sauce Tenken" with an average size of 780 yen. There is limited ramen.

There was something compatible with the ramen in the side menu, the grilled clouds were sold out.

The set menu of lunch is like this.

There are also seats in the seat besides the counter seat.

That's why I order "Soy Sau Lamen" as a size.

The soup added a umami such as Rishiri Kombu, Sōda section, two types of hotfish, dried shrimp and clams to the chicken glasspoup boiled for 9 hours, and he said he is not using chemical seasoning. When I made a bite, the flavor spread throughout my mouth, I murmured myself as "Ohh! Yeah!" In spite of myself. This soup seems to fit variously with not only ramen, it is convinced that wonton is sold out.

Lightly crimped noodles stick well with soup and are tasty. There is also a firm Kosi, "I feel that I am eating good ramen now", and when I start eating it does not stop my hands.

Though not thick, the size of the barbecued pork is not large, which is also well suited to the soup and taste of the meat.

Menma is sliced. The taste is thin, it does not disturb the balance of the whole ramen.

I thought that it is a waste only with "soy sauce alammin", and ordered a dumpling set (+270 yen) of "black soy sauce amara no" on another day.

It is said that black soup is using 4 kinds of soy sauce than sauce ramen, burned green onion and back oil are added. For that reason, it is strong that the soy sauce taste is strong for the soy sauce which has strong flavor, but it is a pleasant thing that it is not just "the soy sauce taste darkened".

Again we reconfirmed that noodles are enough to eat and respond. I feel it is good to wash and chew, I feel umami when chewing while I'm sipping.

Chashuw and Menma are the same as Sauce Ramen, but with the addition of semi-rich boiled eggs, it is still gorgeous. Just because the taste is thicker than sauce ramen, the mellowness that the eggs are fluffy becomes an accent.

Set dumplings with feathers.

Small dumplings with meat & cabbage orthodox. It is a dish that I want beer unexpectedly.

It was a set coming into the stomach without being concerned at all even with a combination of ramen + rice carbohydrates.

As a noodle shop, it was a shop that I wanted to go to in the neighborhood as soon as possible. ... ... but the biggest problem lies in that distance. Originally it is far from the point of "being in Tokushima", it takes 1 hour 20 minutes by car from Tokushima city, it takes about 2 hours if using a bus. Even in the eating logs, there are people who rave acclaim, but some people have doubts as to whether this distance goes all the way.

Although it can not be said that the transportation cost exceeds the ramen fee surely, it can not be said "Please go casually", but because it goes through the scenic spots, you can brag about finding a great shop when you stop by sightseeing maybe.

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