We can check the movement of rain clouds every 10 minutes · 250 m unit and the map information is full "heavy rain radar"

The Meteorological Agency makes weather forecast with every detail every 5 minutes · 250 meters square unit weather forecast utilizing rainfall observation data throughout the country and XRAIN data by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport "High resolution precipitation NowcastWe started the service from August 2014. Utilizing its high resolution precipitation Nowcast data,Japan Weather AssociationServices that can track and predict the movement of rain clouds up to one hour ahead "Heavy rain radarWe started.

Heavy Rain Radar - Japan Weather Association tenki.jp

This is heavy rain radar. Yahoo! The state of the current rain cloud is displayed in a superimposed manner on the map.

You can change the scale on the upper left of the map.

You can also reduce the scale to the world map level, but the weather information seems to be limited to Japan only.

Click on the "concentric circle" at the bottom left of the map ... ...

You can erase concentric circles.

Clicking "Photo" on the upper right of the map changes the map to aerial photograph data ......

Click "Route" to change to the map with the route map. It is more convenient than "High Resolution Precipitation Nowcast" provided by the Meteorological Agency to change maps according to their preferences or to display more readable route information.

Click "Legend" ......

You can check the color-coded legend by precipitation.

This is a state of rain clouds in Kagoshima City where there is a strong rain.

Click "shading" at the bottom right of the map to make the cloud more clearly emerge.

In addition, the heavy rain radar can display the motion of the rain cloud by animation in the range from 1 hour ago to 1 hour later by operating the seek bar under the map.

If you use the animation of heavy rain radar, the Kanto region where rain clouds spread now, you can see well that the sunny season gradually spreads from noon.

Looking at the movement of rain clouds from "1 hour ago" to "1 hour after" heavy rain radar "like this - YouTube

Click the play button on the bottom left of the screen. A state of rain clouds from 1 hour ago to 1 hour later will be displayed in animation.

When checking with the seek bar, this is the state of the current rain cloud.

A sunny day has come to the west from past 30 minutes past.

Rain clouds flow from west to east. "It seems that it will be sunny in a few hours, so it seems intuitively understandable.

With heavy rain radar, you can check the state of rain clouds in 10 minute increments with a resolution of 250 meters square after 30 minutes and resolution of 1 kilometer square after 30 minutes. Although it is inferior in accuracy of weather forecast compared to high resolution Nowcast which provides information in units of 5 minutes, Yahoo! Since the map is used and the aviation map and the line display function are substantial, it seems that it can be said that it is a service that is easier to use for people called "map oriented" than high resolution Nowcast.

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