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Just by choosing the epicenter, you can see how tsunami of what height will come to the area where you live, "Tsunami damage prediction map" you can see how much flooding will be Yahoo! JAPAN has released it. Data are based on the tsunami inundation area and tsunami height information released by the Cabinet Office Nankai Gigantic Earthquake Model Study Group, Yahoo! It is displayed by overlapping layers on the map, so you can see it even on a smartphone.

Nankai Trough Reveals "Tsunami Damage Assumption Map" that Can Predict the Tsunami Damage of the Great Earthquake - Yahoo! Blog

To see the tsunami damage estimation map,Yahoo! Map Top PageIf you click on the "Tsunami Damage Assumption Map of the Nankai Trough Great Earthquake" under the "Disaster Related Information" item on the right menu of

Then, the height of the tsunami in the coastal area and the prediction of the depth of flooding in the flooded area are displayed when the Nankai Trough massive earthquake occurred like this.

When it is up, the flooded area can be displayed fairly finely. This is a case in Kushimoto-cho.

Even if it is not from the top page,Yahoo! mapIn the opened state, press the "map" button on the upper right and select "Tsunami Damage Assumption Information" in the "Superimpose Information" menu OK.

You can choose the focal region on the left side of the screen. For example, the damage estimate centering on Kochi prefecture when you set the epicenter to "Suruga Bay - Off the Kii Peninsula" is like this. A tsunami of approximately 10 to 20 meters is expected to come on the coastline opened to the southeast.

If the epicenter is set to "off the coast of Shikoku - off Kyushu," a tsunami of over 20 meters will be expected in some places.

This is prediction based on data, in fact it may be smaller than this or conversely it will come up, so please use it as one reference material.

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