"Typhoon Real-time Watcher" that visually displays typhoon information and disaster information of each place visually on the browser

Typhoon information provided by National Institute of Informatics "Digital Typhoon"Weather news Members' disaster information provided by members will be displayed on the map with photos and comments"Reduction report"On the map of Google Earth at the same time, it became possible to simultaneously grasp the position of the typhoon and the damage situation of the surroundings"Typhoon Real Time Watcher"is.

Typhoon real-time watcher: Real-time mashup of typhoon information and "disaster report"

Typhoon real-time watcher: Real-time mashup of typhoon information and "disaster report" - Google Doc

In order to use the typhoon real-time watcher, you need to install the Google Earth plug-in, so click on the red frame for those who say "not installed yet".

Click "Save file".

Click the downloaded "GoogleEarthPluginSetup.exe".

Click "Execute".

Click "Close" when the message "Installation is complete" appears on the screen.

When typhoon real-time watcher is opened, it is recommended to reload the page like a red frame so if you refresh the page ......

On this screen. Typhoon Real time watcher's operation method is the same as normal Google map so it is not necessary to do any difficult operation. In Typhoon Realtime Watcher, information on the latest 72 hours (3 days) of digital typhoon and disaster prevention report is displayed, the typhoon position and the cloud picture are updated every 3 hours, all other data are automatically updated every 30 minutes I will.

The red line at the bottom left of the screen is the previous route of Typhoon No. 8 (Nogley).

And this is the location of the latest typhoon No. 8 (12 o'clock on July 9).

Many yellow and blue icons are displayed in all areas of Kyushu where typhoons are approaching gradually. These icons are displayed based on the information of the reduction report, and the meaning indicated by each color icon is written in the red frame part on the left side of the screen. According to this, in Kyushu, blue icons indicating "inundation, flooding, flooding" can be seen in places, so people living in Kyushu seem to be prepared for floods.

It seems that Okinawa is still in a situation where it is unpredictable and there are also displays such as "strong wind disaster" and "lifeline stop" besides "flooding, flooding, flooding".

Also on the 9th of July at 15 o'clock in the Kanto area there are also reports of disaster reporting and information on disaster prevention, some reports such as "flooding, flooding, flooding" and "lifeline stop" can be seen.

In order to master typhoon real-time watcher, you need to master the panel displayed in the upper left of the screen. For example, when you click "Reduction report" in the upper left, the yellow and blue icon disappeared from the map.

When you click "Typhoon Information", the past route information of the typhoon disappears.

If you click "Geostationary Meteorological Satellite Image", the cloud will be clear and the map and each information will become easy to see, but the threat of typhoon becomes difficult to be visually transmitted.

In addition to that, you can move "Japan all over" to the position of the camera where you can see the whole of Japan ... ...

Only "Honshu" is displayed by clicking on Honshu.

If you click "Typhoon center position", a typhoon will come at the center of the map.

Furthermore, clicking "Horizontal viewpoint" changes the angle of the camera to that of the horizontal direction.

You can return to the normal angle by clicking "Vertical viewpoint".

Since Typhoon Realtime Watcher displays typhoon information for the last 72 hours and information on the reduction report, if you drag the bar on the upper left of the screen to the left or right, you can display past typhoon & reduction report information Also possible.

If you move this, you can see how the typhoon has moved and how the damage has expanded accordingly.

Typhoon real-time watcher confirms typhoon movement in the past 72 hours - YouTube

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