Kentucky's Takeaway Limited "Chicken smoked with apple chips" is the perfect menu for Christmas

Kentucky is a shop that uses domestic herb chicken and establishes a licensing system to serve sticky fried chicken, but at some stores it is different from fried chicken "take-away menu"Kernel dish"We sell the menu called" As a special dish that added top-notch chefs to development teams "Chicken cooked black pepper smoked with apple chip "When"Chicken hu peppers smoked with apple chips I bought and tried it.

Chicken cooked black pepper smoked with apple chip | Menu | Kernel dish | Kentucky fried chicken

Chicken hu peppers smoked with apple chips | Menu | Kernel dish | Kentucky fried chicken

The two items purchased this time are blue in package. A little grease was floating in "coarse ground black pepper ".

It is firmly packed, the back is like this.

Raw materials are chicken (domestic), soy sauce, granulated sugar, spices, etc.

Because there was no cut, I cut the packing with a kitchen knife.

Take out each one like this, the thigh meat lengthens sideways.

"Momo" has plenty of black pepper and others ... ...

"Mune" is covered with sesame, peppers, peppers and others.

As it is too big to eat, cut meat with a kitchen knife.

You can understand that when you cut it, the quality of meat is different.

As you approach and compare, the thighs on the left side are more tightly clogged, reddish shades

I tried it on the dish with an image like putting it on the table.

The thigh has a taste soaked in birds, it is like a bird ham of soy sauce because it has been placed for several days, but it is smoked firmly so it has a different flavor. The peach meat was finished softly while leaving the texture made as a prepuri and the piled and spicy pepper was a good accent. It is perfect for snacks because it has juicy grease on the skin.

Breed meat is more seasoned than thigh meat, making full use of the meatiness of the meat. The compatibility of the pepper and the meat is pretty good, it is not as hot as it looks, so it seems that you can eat without trouble other than those who really do not like being spicy.

Although it was written in the explanation that it is delicious even if you eat hot peppers · mushrooms, smelled fragrance becomes stronger, the fat melts and becomes softer, so it is recommended to warm up and eat.

I'm going to eat it with bread in a bread with garnish so I will eat it.

Since it has a smoked scent and a delicious chicken umami, it is excellent even if you eat it with vegetables. The price is 110 grams, the price is 440 yen including tax, 110 grams of mushrooms and 390 yen including tax, but it was a dish with quality that is not amusing even if it sells under the department store's basement, so I am convinced at this price.

In addition to this menu, the kernel dishOriental bird's oriental spice · stewed with soy sauce"Or"Smooth mousse with white lever and foie gras"We sell products such as. Mainly in Tokyo and KanagawaSome storesIt will be sold at, but if you like Kentucky you recommend eating once.

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