A strange electrical energy field is occurring in front of Google Building

Built in England · LondonGoogle UKBorn in strong energy in front of the building where the headquarters ofElectromagnetic fieldIt is reported on overseas media that things like that are causing interesting phenomena.

Mysterious Field Of Static Electrical Energy At Google In London - Business Insider

"Wow, Google also started something!?" It is a phenomenon that seems to be dyed suddenly, but it seems that diffusion started mainly around the net, and the neta board in the WestRedditAfter the phenomenon was reported, movies with mysterious phenomena on YouTube began to be released.

Crazy static electricity beam.

The scene that I visited before the Google UK office. Sorry for being a bit hard to see because of the shooting at night.

Suddenly the hair of the person in the camera is fluffy. Like a Kitaro who felt a fancy hair is standing "Pikotan" and the appearance of fluffy is contained in the camera. In addition, the two people in this movie said that they had suffered from toothache and a little nosebleed after shooting.

In another movie, the state that visited the scene during the day was open to the public.

Crazy static electricity beam (daytime!)

Hair standing on the opposite side without doing anything. It is not wind blowing by any means, the surroundings are windless. It seems that this mysterious appearance can not be felt without seeing the movie.

This hair that stands out also. When approaching this area, it seems to me that the image feels something like "I wanted to go ...!"!

This phenomenon is occurring in the complex redevelopment building "Central St. Giles ((Central St. Giles)" consisting of offices, shops and residential buildings in LondonCentral Saint Giles) "Around the sidewalk in front of. In this buildingGoogle UKThere seems to be a side that the trouble has become even bigger even from the fact that the headquarters of the company is occupied.

The building is located in the area adjacent to the Soho area in London where there is the "Tottenham Court Road station" of Metro (subway).

Whether it is a coincidence, the building is colored with a color like Google. It seems that the above movie was taken in the part that faced this street.

This building is an Italian architectRenzo and PianoThing by Mr. design. Mr. Piano is a member of the integrated cultural facilities in ParisPompidou CenterAndKansai International Airport Passenger Terminal BuildingIt is also known as a person who designed.

Apparently the identity of this mysterious energy field is predicted to be due to the generation of strong static electricity, but the cause is still unknown. There is also a person who thinks that an iron pipe wrapped around the building surface is generating static electricity from speculation that it does not know whether there is a ground based on "Google is out of cables buried underground" It is.

With regard to this phenomenon, the British electric power transmission companyUK Power NetworksWe confirmed that "We confirmed that there was no problem in safety as a result of checking on site," the company is doing tweet.

In another YouTube movie, the state of the landscape that is supposed to be under investigation was released.

Update on the static electricity beam.

Working while blocking the road.

A heavy machine was put in and the survey was done by digging up the road surface.

Although the investigation has been proceeded with regard to this matter, it seems that the causes have yet to be identified. Just with Google's name, "Is there any?It is an event that seems to be feeling, but as a strange phenomenon it is a place I want to hope to clarify what the cause is.

Please note that Google refuses to comment on Business Insider's interview.

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