What are the surprising drawbacks of Android Auto, a car-mounted smart device under development by Google?

Android OS for wearable devices "Android Wear"For automotive use,"Android AutoIt continues to evolve. It is pointed out that surprising disadvantages on practical application of Android Auto which is expected to be popular in the future as its in-vehicle mobile OS are pointed out.

Android Auto is great, but automakers are holding it back | The Verge

At the Los Angeles Motor Show held last week, Hyundai Sonata of 2015 model was equipped with an Android Auto terminal and it was showing off. Android Auto itself is a Google developer's recital held in June 2014Google I / O 2014It was basically the same model as was announced at the time, but it is being brushed up and a certain evolution was seen.

Unlike a general car navigation system, Android Auto employs a UI that is primarily input by voice commands, not touch panel operation. It is designed to allow you to do everything while concentrating on driving without looking to the screen. Of course you can also operate with the touch panel, debuted in UI with Android 5.0 LollipopMaterial DesignIs adopted, and a unified design with other Android OS terminals is used.

The VergeHas operated the Android Auto terminal installed in the Sonata, it should already be able to operate without being confused by those who are already familiar with the operation of Android terminals such as smartphones with considerably high completeness. Hyundai is officially committed to commercializing the Android Auto terminal in the 2015 model, and it has been confirmed that development is progressing to the stage of practical application at last.

However, Android Auto boasts a high degree of perfection, but The Verge points out that there are unexpected problems. It is that the user may be confused by the difference between the UI of Android Auto and the UI of a general in-vehicle device. In other words, Android Auto plans Google Maps as a car navigation application and Spotify as an Internet radio, but since each car maker individually prepares general navigation functions and FM radio, users can download Internet radio and FM radio etc. Every time you switch content, you will be required to operate different UIs designed with entirely different ideas, which may be stressful.

Switching UI like this is more troublesome than I imagined, as all the drivers are not familiar with the operation of the in-vehicle terminal, so the The Verge expects confusion to switch over and use them properly, This is not limited to Android Auto but car development terminals Apple is developingCarPlayBut the same thing. In addition, the presence of two automotive systems, Android Auto and CarPlay, can also be said to be confusing to the driver.

It seems to be said that Android Auto and CarPlay swallow all of the in-car systems so that it is the only way to eliminate the driver's stress caused by the difference in UI, but the in-vehicle dedicated device has high functionality as a dedicated machine It has performance, it is not likely to be easily destroyed so easily. In addition, AudiAutomatic parking systemNissan has developedAutomatic driving carIt is expected that automobiles will continue to evolve in many directions, and as a result of pursuit of comfort and easy maneuverability, the system inside the car may become rather complicated.

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