Proposal model of touch operation UI that can operate equipment without distracting your eyes while driving

With the progress of digitization of equipment installed in automobiles, operations using touch panels including control of air conditioners, especially luxury cars, have increased. However, in order to operate the buttons displayed finely on the screen, it is often necessary to direct the line of sight during driving to the screen, which may not be praised much for safety. It is proposed as a user interface that may make operation of such equipment easy and safe "A New Car UI"is.

A New Car UI - Matthaeus Krenn

The proposer for "A New Car UI" is Matthaeus Krenn, a designer residing in San Francisco.

The operation screen of the automobile which advanced multifunction has advanced now such that many fine buttons are being displayed like this. Mr. Kuren considers this to be a problem, "Compared with the conventional button type that was able to operate with the sense of the fingertip, the operation by the screen touch needs to turn its eyes every time, which is not very desirable from the aspect of safety "I talk.

Mr. Kuren is announcing the concept of the UI screen utilizing the function of the multi-touch screen as below. The kind of detailed buttons are not displayed, you can see how you can switch the content to be operated with just the number of fingers touching the screen.

A New Car UI: How touch screen controls in cars should work - YouTube

To operate, add two fingers to the screen like this ... ....

You can control the volume just by moving your finger up and down on the screen.

If you use two fingers ...

It is possible to control volume volume.

By changing the number of fingers, you can change the items to be controlled. In case of 3 pieces ......

You can change the source (sound source).

In the case of 4 pieces ......

The temperature of the air conditioner can be raised and lowered.

And in case of 5, ...

It is now possible to adjust the air volume.

Also, by enlarging the interval between fingers, different operations can be performed with the same number of fingers. Spread two fingers widely and slide it, you can operate songs and playlists.

You can also adjust the radio frequency by spreading up and down three fingers.

You can try this prototype UI from the link below. Operation is optimized for iPad, so it will be difficult to operate on iPhone, Android and other terminals, but it is possible to try it. It seems that it does not correspond basically to the notebook PC etc. with touch panel.

A New Car UI - Matthaeus Krenn

Apple Develops "iOS in the Car" iPhone Drive Car Navi ApplicationIn the future, it seems that further interlocking of cars and computers will be promoted, but "A New Car UI" can do various operations without failing to look forward in such an environment even in such an environment It is likely to be a useful UI.

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