Possibility of Apple's next-generation earphone equipped with "head gesture control"

ByHarry Heng

It became clear that Apple acquired a patent for sensors capable of collecting data such as body temperature, heart rate, perspiration level, and earphones equipped with an acceleration sensor. With this, "head gesture control" function which can operate iPhone, iPad and other terminals by head movement will be installed, andAppleInsiderIt reports.

Apple patents sensor-packed health monitoring headphones with 'head gesture' control

This patent was filed on October 16, 2007 as "Sports Monitoring System for Earphone / Headphone" and was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on February 18, 2014. The patent number is8655004.

This shows that Apple has conducted research on the healthcare field for at least 6 years. According to the patents acquired by Apple this time, the system for measuring body temperature and heart rate will be built in the earphone that the user normally uses.

And the internal sensor measures the temperature, perspiration level, heart rate and other body data just by attaching the earphone to your ear. If earphones or headphones equipped with these sensors appear, you do not need to carry a health care terminal with you.

However, there are no specific descriptions such as what kind of means is used to measure heart rate or sweating level in patents. But AppleHeart beat meter sensorAs there are many technologies related to embedded sensors such as, it may already be prepared somehow.

In addition to this healthcare related system, there is also a statement that multiple patents incorporate multiple acceleration sensors inside the earphones and headphones. AppleInsider speculates that Apple will be equipped with a "head gesture" feature that manipulates the terminal with the movement of the head if the acceleration sensor is to be mounted in the earphone. If such a function is to be installed, the user can select music and adjust the volume by tilting the head or turning it.

It is possible to embed a sensor in the arm part of the type of earphone hooked to the ear, or to make the sensor part detachable type.

Also, it is possible to mount these sensors in the earphone cord. Furthermore, if it is installed in a cord, information can not be gathered from the user's skin, so it seems impossible to measure body temperature and heart rate.

As earphones with these sensors appear, you may find people who tilt or rotate their heads in the town ... ....

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