"Car navigation iOS" latest screen design under development by Apple, will the official map application revenge revenge?

Apple released in September 2013IOS 7In the future version it will be added features for the in-vehicleIt has been made public, The screen under development is revealed.

Developer activates Apple's upcoming iOS in the Car system, showing different interface | 9to 5Mac

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"IOS in the CarOn the sidebar displayed on the left side of the iOS 7 screen for in-vehicle use, in addition to the time display, the home button of the same design as the iPhone and the icon of the design which could not be seen at the top at the top Things are displayed. It seems that the same type of map data is used as map data standard on iOS 7.

When you display the map in 3D, it looks like this. Since the "3D" icon is displayed, it may be that there is a function of stereoscopically displaying the shape of the building. As far as you see this image, development seems to be proceeding on the same small screen as iPhone 5, but the actual size is not clear.

Safety warning screens such as 'Unnecessary attention to actual road signs and road conditions during driving' unique to automobiles are added.

Here is the screen seen with the application list. Although it is still under development, only the map is displayed, but it seems that more applications will be added at the time of actual release.

The following is the screen image that was announced when iOS 7 was announced. You can see that the presence or absence of the sidebar, the position of the home button, etc. have been changed.

Since it carries iOS, of course, it seems that in-vehicle calling will be installed as well. It is expected to be able to reply mails and control music, as well as talking, speaking to mail reading function and Siri.

Also, with respect to this in-vehicle iOS, attention has already been received from several manufacturers such as Acura (Honda), Ferrari, Hyundai and Mercedes, and some makers considering mounting on the 2014 model about.

In September 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook saidApologize for the map of iOS 6 / iPhone 5 and recommend using Google map etc.However, the biggest reason for this is "Because we did not feel like loading the navigation function of voice guidance at the time of driving a car," and we wanted to control everything at our company Apple tried to create an independent map application Since it is dependent on it, the car iOS which can be used as this car navigation system is a crucial point as to whether or not its obsession is fruitful for Apple.

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