There are twelve flowers hidden in "Oreo", nine things unknown about Oreo

Oreo who sandwiched bitter cocoa cookie with mellow milk cream boasts outstanding addictive sweetness that it is delicious even if you eat it as it is, even if it cookies are separated and dipped in cream, it will taste cold milk. is. About Oreo popular all over the world, a movie that understands nine well-known movies "9 Things About Oreo You Did not Know"Has been released.

9 Things About Oreo You Did not Know - YouTube

◆ 1:The first time Oreo was sold on March 6, 1912.

◆ 2:Oreo is age 102 years old as of 2014.

◆ 3:Actually, besides 'original' 'Lemon Meringue' taste was sold.

However, the sales of lemon meringue seems to have not been far from the original.

Therefore Oleo of lemon meringue was a vision taste of production stopped in 1920. In Japan, the taste such as "Strawberry cream" "Chocolate cream" "Concentrated matcha milk cream" "Concentrated milk cream" "Soft cookie Mont Blanc" "Soft cookie vanilla" is on sale.

◆ 4:If you put all the oleos around the world produced so far ......

It is equivalent to 381 times the length of the equator.

◆ 5:The time required for one oleo to bake up is 59 minutes.

◆ 6:There are "12 flowers", "12 lines" and "12 points" in all oleos.

◆ 7:Market research found that 84% of men eat oleos as they are.

◆ 8:The fact that 41% of women separate upper and lower cookies is also found out.A physicist made an Oreo cookie separatorThat was based on demand.

◆ 9:According to one study, rats revealed to take the same reaction as Oreo to narcotics.

Although it does not make much use even if it knows, if it is a person who loves Oreo it is the bean information to know and to be suitable.

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