Accepting questions as "Do you have any questions on Facebook CEO?"

On Facebook every Friday employees are holding a Q & A that can ask anything to Mark Zuckerburg CEO, but events other than Facebook employees can ask questions to Zuckerburg CEO "Q & A with Mark"Will be held at 2 p.m. on November 6 (Thursday) at Pacific Standard Time.

Mark Zuckerberg - We have a tradition at Facebook, where ...

Q & A is held at the following page. It is said that Zuckerberg CEO will respond to the comment written on this page, the event will be held at local time from Thursday, November 6 (Thursday) 2 pm (7 am on November 7th of Japan time) start. Zuckerburg CEO will answer the user's question only for a limited time of one hour.

Q & amp; A with Mark | Facebook

If you would like to ask Zuckerberg CEO, please enter a question as a comment on the "Q & A with Mark" page as follows. Especially in the comment it seems that you will preferentially reply from those with a large number of "Like"!

In addition, it is scheduled to be relayed by live streaming how Zuckerberg answers the question.

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