One sunfish was 3980 yen, so I actually bought it and tried to enjoy the sunfish.

Sunfish with various rumors such as 'jump to drop parasites and die from the impact of hitting the sea surface', 'die by being shocked by the death of a friend', 'die by hitting the glass when placed in an aquarium' are common. It was sold to a supermarket in the neighborhood, and despite its huge size, it was an unusually low price of only 3980 yen, so I actually bought it, cooked it, and tried to enjoy the sunfish.

A black plastic bag arrives at the editorial department. As the editorial staff gathered, 'What's that?', I gently peeled off the plastic bag ...

It is a sunfish.

This presence just by showing the face.

Compared to the iPhone, you can see its overwhelming size.

The mouth remains open.

Unlike blue-backed fish such as mackerel and horse mackerel, the skin of the sunfish was hard and rough.

The whole body looks like this.

The fins are also huge.

I thought that the method of dismantling was written on the Internet, so I brought it back with a round shape, but when I looked it up, some of them were dismantled with a knife such as Nata, and body fluids such as blood are also amazing. That's why it's best to ask the store, so I put the sunfish on the trolley and went back to the store. I decided to ask you to dismantle it.

This is the dismantling site. Since it is a huge body, the work is done with the cutting board placed on the floor.

It is not a kitchen knife but a cutter that is used for dismantling.

I was wondering if it would be difficult to cut because the skin is hard, but since the body is soft, it seems that once you insert the blade, you can cut it smoothly.

Carefully peel off the skin.

A sunfish of this size usually costs about 20,000 yen, but this time it was so fresh that it couldn't be eaten as sashimi, so it was sold at a special price of 3980 yen. The sunfish becomes softer over time, but at this point the sunfish had a full-bodied feel like almond tofu and could be peeled off by hand from the skin.

Turn it over when you get rid of one side.

This is cartilage.

In addition, this sunfish is a kind of black sunfish, and 'Kuchibiru' is also used as a high-class ingredient in Chinese cuisine.

However, the shop staff also said, 'I don't know how to cook,' so I gave up cooking this time.

The skin and internal organs after peeling were not in an edible state, so they are discarded as they are.

So, I will take it home again with a dolly.

Go home after becoming compact.

The body of the sunfish is slimy and the fishy smell is a little noticeable, so I will start with the preparation.

I didn't have the right container, so I washed the drawer in the refrigerator and used it. Since the body was cut big, I will put it in the case while breaking it into small pieces by hand.

Add sake and salt there.

I will pick up the slime by hand.

Most of the body of the sunfish is water, and when salt is added or heat is applied, the water will come out more and more.

After leaving it for a while and discarding excess water, the preparation is complete.

So, I started cooking. I used to wipe the water with kitchen paper because I said, 'It's a white fish, so let's make Meuniere first.' It is important to round up at an appropriate place.

Remove the streaks with a kitchen knife ...

Season with salt and pepper.

Sprinkle with flour.

Prepare a frying pan with olive oil.

Put the fillets of Dawn and Sunfish there. It's a sunfish that runs from one end of the frying pan to the other ...

When it is baked, the water will gradually drain and shrink.

Eventually it will be about one-half to two-thirds the size. Finally, add butter or garlic salt to taste.

There was parsley, so I put it together and finished it. Somehow, it looks more like chicken fillet or breast meat than fish meuniere.

When the sunfish giant was occupying the kitchen or preparing for it, it smelled so strong that I thought, 'Is it okay, this fishy smell?' It's a smell.

When I actually eat it, the crispy texture and crispy texture are not fish at all. As you can see, the texture is similar to that of breast meat, but it is more elastic and tastes a little closer to fish. It's very unique and it's the first kind of food to eat, but it's delicious. It's protein, so it feels like a strong seasoning.

As you can see, the cross section is completely chicken.

The day timed out when I finished baking the meuniere, so the rest of the cooking was carried over to the next day. Next, I tried to boil the sunfish, but as time passed, the fishy odor became noticeable, so I quickly boiled it. At this time, the lye will come out, so don't forget to remove the lye.

Blanch the sunfish and tighten with cold water.

Put soy sauce, sugar, and sake in a pot ...

Add green onions, sunfish and ginger when it is boiled.

Is it okay without adding water? I'm wondering, but it's okay without water.

Moisture comes out from the sunfish when it is boiled.

This completes.

When I try to eat it, it has a texture that does not seem to be boiled fish. I was worried about the fishy odor, so when I boiled it, it was said, 'To put it badly, it has a rubber-like texture ...'. The taste is more addictive than the previous day's Meuniere, and the finish is 'delicious for those who like offal' in terms of texture and taste.

Is there any way to get rid of this habit? When I was thinking, I got the information that 'I ate fried sunfish at an izakaya, but it was delicious', so I will fried it this time. I bought two types, one that just sprinkles powder and the other that soaks in dripping.

Sacred place Nakatsu Karaage set Soy sauce and Osaka Osho's Karaage no Moto have been proven in past reviews, so I bought fried chicken powder from Nissin in addition to them.

Boil it as before ...

Prepare the blanched one in the specified amount and soak it in the dripping.

If you soak it in a drip and leave it for 10 minutes, the water will come out, so discard the excess water.

The other is dusted and left for 3 minutes.

First, fry the one sprinkled with fried powder from Nissin.

This completes. In the case of the type that only sprinkles powder, the water is removed from the body of the sunfish and the powder hardens, resulting in uneven battering and a deeper taste in the part where the batter is too much.

However, because heat is applied in a short time, the texture is softer than Meuniere or boiled, and it is crispy but fluffy. Some fried fish have a noticeable fishy odor, but in the case of sunfish, there was no such odor and it was very delicious.

This is a set made from Nakatsu Karaage, a sacred place, using soy sauce. The dripping type is sprinkled with powder just before frying, so it is possible to put on the batter evenly, and it looks like a fried chicken.

The sacred place Nakatsu Karaage set is characterized by the strong taste of ginger and garlic, which made the slightly odorous sunfish even easier to eat.

Furthermore, fried sunfish using the fried chicken of the Osaka king.

Of the three types of fried chicken, the color is the most fried chicken-like finish, but despite the light clothing, the taste is solid and I feel like I want rice. This also has almost no odor. The elasticity and fluffy texture like chicken, and the light-boiled meat are very suitable for deep-fried chicken, and it was so popular that it was consumed instantly even though it was deep-fried about 2 kg in total.

So, depending on the freshness of the sunfish you got, you can eat it with sashimi, but if the sunfish is not so fresh, fried chicken is the most delicious. Basically, it's a light fish, so it's better to cook well-seasoned dishes, and it's okay to use it in a pot, but it seems better to treat it as chicken rather than fish.

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