Since the sunfish of a sunfish was 3980 yen, I bought it and actually tried it out

"Jump to drop parasites, die from the shock hit the sea surface", "die after receiving shock from fellow death" "die in collision with glass when placed in a tank" Manbow flies among various rums ordinarily It sold to the supermarket in the neighborhood, and despite its huge size, it was cheap up to just 3980 yen, so I actually bought it and cooked it and tried it in a sunfish.

A black plastic bag arrives at the editorial department. As editorial staff gathers, "What is it, what is it?", When peeling the plastic bag gently ......

It is a sunfish.

Even just showing your face this presence.

Compared with the iPhone, I can understand its overwhelming size clearly.

Mouth is left open.

Unlike blue fish such as mackerel and horse mackerel, the sunfish skin was hard and rough.

The whole body looks like this.

Fins are huge too.

I thought that the way to dismantle is probably written on the Internet "It is rolling sunfish that I brought back with, but when I examine it, there are things that have been dismantled with a blade such as nata, and the body fluid such as blood etc. That's right, so I asked you to ask the shop firstly, so I put the sunfish on the dolly and went back to the shop. I decided to ask disassembly.

This is the demolition site. Because it is a huge body, work is done with the chopping board on the floor.

It is not a knife but a cutter that is used for dismantling.

I thought that it might be difficult to cut because the skin is so hard, but as I am soft it is like cutting off with the rest once after putting a blade.

Peel off the skin carefully.

This sized manga is usually about 20,000 yen in one animal, but this time it was fresh enough not to be eaten as sashimi, so it was sold at a special price of 3980 yen. The sunfish grows soft as time goes on, but at this point the sunfish has a full-fled feel like almond tofu, it was possible to peel off from the skin by hand.

Turn over when you can take on one side.

This is cartilage.

In addition, this sunfish is a kind of black sunfish, and "lips" are used as high-class food of Chinese cuisine.

However, people at the shop say "I do not know how to cook", so I abandoned cooking this time.

Since the skin and the internal organs after peeling off were not in a state that can be eaten, they are discarded as it is.

So I will take it home again with a dolly.

It got compact and came home.

The sunfish has a slime and a fishy smell is a little conspicuous.

There was not a nice container, so I wash and use the drawer in the refrigerator. Since my body was cut heavily, I will put it in the case while breaking it by hand.

I put in sake and salt there.

I will take a slime by hand.

Most of the body of sunfish is water, when you put in salt or add heat, moisture will come out more and more.

Leave it for a while and throw away the extra moisture, the preparation is completed.

That is why cooking started. "It's a white fish, so let's make Muniel first," so I wiped the moisture with the kitchen paper, but a savory sunfish, even if you wipe it or wipe it. It is important to round up at a reasonable place.

I take a stripe with a kitchen knife ......

Add the ingredients with salt and pepper.

I will coat the flour.

Prepare a frying pan with olive oil.

I will put in the fillet of Dawn and sunfish there. It is a sunfish from the end to the end of a frying pan ... ...

When baked, moisture will escape steadily and will shrink.

Ultimately it is about one-half to two-thirds the size. Finally, it tastes with butter and garlic salt.

Since there was parsley, we completed it together. What it is, it looks like chicken scissors and breast meat rather than fish Muniel.

It was a strong intense smell that I thought "It's okay, okay with this fishy smell" when the sunfish squid is occupying the kitchen or under preparation, but after cooking such a thing is nice It is a smell.

When eating it actually, the crispy and crispy texture is not fish at all. As it looks it is close to the chewy meat, but there is elasticity than that, the taste is slightly fish taste. It is very unique and kind of food I eat for the first time, it is tasty. Protein, so it seems that it seems that seasoning seems to match.

Cross section is this street, completely chicken.

When I finished baking Muniel, that day had timed out so the remaining cooking was carried over to the next day. Next time I tried to boil the sunfish, but as time passed, somewhat fishy odor became noticeable, so I gently slurped. Since Ak comes out at this time, do not forget to take a pick.

Tighten the bamboo sunfish with cold water.

Pour soy sauce, sugar, alcohol into the pot ...

When I brewed, I put green onion, sunfish and ginger.

Is it okay without water? It is a place I think, but there is no water.

When boiling is done, moisture comes out from sunfish.

It is completed.

When eating, it is a texture that seems to be boiled fish. As I was concerned about the fishy smell, I cooked it sickly and it is said to be said, "If you put it badly, it's texture like rubber ...". The taste also felt something more habitable than Muniel of the previous day, and in terms of texture and taste, "It is deliciously eatable if a person likes mots" has been finished.

Is there any way to erase something like this habit? As I was thinking, I got the information that "I ate a delicious sunfish in a pub but it was delicious", so I will make fried chicks next time. I bought two types of types, just a powder covered type and a liquid type dropping type.Set sacred ground from Nakazu as set soy sauceWhenFrom friends of Osaka kara generalThe deliciousness of it is proven in past reviews, so in addition to themDeep fried from NissinI bought it.

As if I just cleaned it ... ...

Prepare stuffed bottles in specified amounts and put them in a drip bottle.

If you leave it in a drip and leave it for 10 minutes, moisture will come out, so discard excess water.

The other side is left for 3 minutes with powder covered.

We will deep fried fish from Nissin first.

It is completed. In the case of a type that only coats powder, moisture escapes from the sunfish body and the powder solidifies, so that unevenness can be attached to clothing, and the taste of the part with too much clothing becomes dense.

However, because it adds heat in a short time the texture is softer than Muniel and boiled, and it is pretty but pretty fluffy. Deep fried fish has some fishy smells, but in the case of sunfish there was no smell so far, it was very delicious.

Sacred ground Nakazu raised set Soy sauce is used. Since the type of liquid droplet is covered with powder just before frying, it is possible to evenly wear clothes, and it looks like it looks like a look.

The set raised from Nakatsu Shrine is characterized by the strength of the taste of ginger and garlic, but this was making it easier to eat more savory fish that had a slight smell.

Furthermore, deep-fried sunfish with frying element from Osaka king general.

The color is the most delicately finished in the three kinds of fried chicken but it feels like you want rice with firm taste despite the thin clothing. This smell is almost zero. It was popular enough to be consumed in a moment, despite raising about 2 kg of fried chicken in total, with elasticity like chicken and fluffy texture, fancy body very suitable for deep-fried.

Therefore, depending on the freshness of the sunfish you got, you can eat sashimi, but in the case that it is not fresh sunfish there, it is the most delicious to deep-fried. Basically it is a fishy fish, so the firm of the seasoned dish is suitable and it is said that it can be made into a pot etc, but it seems better to treat it as a chicken rather than a fish if either way.

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