"RoomAlive" changes the whole room into a world of playable games

A new attempt to aim for fusion of projection mapping and games is "RoomAlive"This is to make every" room "an immersive display and game controller, so that you can enjoy the game by touching and stepping on the things reflected in the room. Because the image will be projected throughout the room, a magical space as if the world of the game appeared in the real world is created.

RoomAlive: Magical Experiences Enabled by Scalable, Adaptive Projector Camera Units - Projection Mapping Central

You can see how the room changes with "RoomAlive" by seeing the following movie.

RoomAlive: Magical Experiences Enabled by Scalable, Adaptive Projector - Camera Units - YouTube

RoomAlive is a device that it becomes possible to project a video on the floor, wall, furniture etc of the room and play the game.

Projecting the image of the game inside the room like this ...

When a player touches a monster it disappears, and it is possible to associate the action of the game with the movement of the reality.

You can also play games with other controllers.

RoomAlive is a system that consists of multiple projectors attached to the ceiling and Kinect. Projectors can project images to the room with a projector, Kinect can grasp the shape of the entire room and detect human motion .

Kinect is set to one projector like this.

For example, if it is about the size of the room that appeared in the image, if there are 6 projectors, you can completely cover the walls and the floor part.

If only one projector can cover only this one ... ...

The projectors will be able to project images in every space so that they fill the gap with six projectors.

Normally, when projecting images on uneven surfaces like projection mapping, it is necessary to create images considering the shapes and colors of objects in the projected place. But RoomAlive succeeded in projecting images of ordinary games created entirely without considering what is projected by projection mapping to the entire room.

The following image shows how RoomAlive distinguishes the shape and color of the furniture arranged in the whole room in real time.

RoomAlive creates projection data automatically according to this data, so that images will be clearly displayed on furniture as well as floor and wall.

In addition, RoomAlive detects the position of the head of the person in the room and seems to automatically parse objects and characters in the image so that the image can be clearly seen from the head position.

In "Whack-A-Mole" various monsters appear in the room.

Defeat this with a controller ......

It is becoming a game of stepping on with a foot or knocking down.

Of course you can play the same way as ordinary games, using the controller to move the character.

Furthermore, by matching the technology of motion detection and projection mapping, you can do the following way of playing.

A trap is activated by detecting the movement of the person in the room.

Bombococo was attacked ... ....

It is possible to produce such a scenario as being left untouched.

"Immersive head-up display"Oculus Rift","OmniAlthough there is an approach that the player enters into the world of the game using a device such as "RoomAlive", it may be easy to reproduce the world of the game in the real world like the RoomAlive.

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