I actually played a completely new sense puzzle game "Infinite Corridor" that manipulates shadows using light

PS 3 exclusive software released on December 23"Infinite Corridor Light and Shadow Box"But,Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts FestivalIt was exhibited in.

Infinite corridor is a type of playing with PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye, it is a new sense puzzle game that manipulates the light emitted from the motion controller as a flashlight and reconfigures the maze like a shadow picture. It is exhibited as a prize winning work, and visitors can actually play.

The state of actually playing "infinite corridor" is as follows.Infinite Corridor R Light and Shadow Box | PlayStationRMove | PlayStation R Official Site

"Infinite corridor" is displayed as a prize winning work of the game department.

The operation method was posted. Operate the light by keeping the trigger of the motion controller pressed, release the trigger and the light will be fixed and the hero will walk out.

This is the motion controller used this time. It actually emits light.

In this way, hold the controller over the screen projected on the wall and manipulate the shadow.

The bottom is a movie that I actually played. If you change the angle of light, the maze that you did not advance with deco is flattened, so you will manipulate the shadow successfully and lead the hero to the goal.

YouTube - Infinite corridor play movies that change the shape of shadows using light

In the course, art using shadows is hidden, and shadows make the picture emerge when illuminating from an angle.

When I tried and lighted the light from various directions, a picture of my face came up. "Shadow Art" Happy Face ""

What is hidden in this landscape course?

When adjusting the angle well from the bottom, a picture of a snake came up.

"Shadow Art" Snake "discovered.

By the way, Infinite Corridor is applying for Guinness Records at "The longest song written for the longest game in the world". When desperately rearranging the shadows, it made me feel like I got lost in the dream world, it was somewhat strange worldview game.

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