Microsoft gaming demo of a masterpiece using a headset "Hololens" where a real enemy appears in a real world

At the recall of Windows 10 device, which Microsoft held on October 6, 2015, "Surface Pro 4"Lumia 950/950 XL"Surface Book"Various Windows 10-equipped devices were announced. Augmented reality headset that projects 3D video being developed by Microsoft during the presentation to the real world "HoloLens"Has been demonstrated and it is clear that models for developers will appear in the first quarter of 2016.

Microsoft HoloLens | Official Site

Introducing the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition

You can check how you are playing shooting game with HoloLens from the following movie.

Microsoft Hololens demo at Windows 10 devices event - YouTube

HoloLens demonstration play was shown at the Windows 10 Device Releasing Society.

Playing on HoloLens is a game called "Project Xray" that will kill robots that attack this stage.

This male actually wears HoloLens and plays the game.

In the image photographed by the cameraman, the world in which the man with HoloLens is visible is displayed.

I grasped something like a stick type device on my right hand but suddenly a 3D image like a weapon was displayed in male hand.

The left is the world of HoloLens, the right is the actual stage.

When a man protruded his right hand forward, a laser was fired from my hand. It is also surprising that a hole is opened in the wall when shooting a ray.

In the hole opened in the wall, something like a sort of robot ... ....

After that, a small robot came out from the hole with wands.

I will stick the small robot with a laser.

Actually, men are just moving on stage with nothing, but in men's sight the battle with the robot is spreading and it makes me feel strange.

Go around behind the sofa ... ...

It is also possible to shoot with Bang Bang. Even obstacles such as sofas and walls are recognized as objects in the game as HoloLens detects the surrounding environment of the player with special sensors.

There is a hole in another wall and the robot appears again.

I will beat it one after another with a laser.

Enemy attacks are good to move your body.

This time, a red robot different from the others appeared.

The red robot fires a laser, but the player defends with a shield. too cool.

It is slightly comical to see only the actual stage.

The red robot got through with an energy bomb and wasreplenished.

Which is a face player ......

Suddenly began to hear a loud noise behind the wall.

And large robots appeared broke through the wall.

The demo is over when I thought "How will you fight with big robots so far!?"

"Hololens" which showed a tremendous level of demonstration play is that the model for developers will be sold for 3000 dollars (about 360,000 yen) in the first quarter of 2016.

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