The day when the display of tweets disappears from the button of Twitter formally decided on 20th November

"The number of tweets will no longer be shown in the tweet button, the change is scheduled to be completed by 20th November 2015", so the date on which the number of tweets disappears from the Tweet button of Twitter is officially decided did.

A difficult decision for a sustainable platform | Twitter Blogs

According to Twitter, this change decision is due to "development trade-off", and it is "a permanent design" for the purpose of "to suppress problems caused by abolishing API" to make a trusted platform, It explains that the button with tweet number is not displayed as default and that the API to acquire tweets number has disappeared.

Regarding the count of the tweet button, it also points out that although it shows the number of tweets including a specific URL, it does not reflect the impact of Twitter on the contents, "This number is a reply, cited retweet, It does not include things like the same content but different tweets containing URLs, but it does not include information on how many followers are available to users who tweeted this URL. "

In addition, it said that the count API is not included in the official public API, "It was supposed to be used as a widget for the website provided by Twitter," an unofficial endpoint Since we can not commit support for it, we have frequently urged attention through forums to trust and use the count API, and also clarified the technical reasons for abolishing this informal endpoint It is.

In addition, the new design tweet button will be as follows, it will be a big design change since 2011.

A new design for Tweet and follow buttons - Announcements - Twitter Developers

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