Spyware that sells an estimate of about 6.9 billion yen for warrants of intelligence organizations around the world is freely downloadable by anyone

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It is used in 36 countries including JapanSpyware "FinFisher(FinSpy) "latest version,WikileaksIt is available in a downloadable state from 15th September 2014.

WikiLeaks - SpyFiles 4

FinFisher (FinSpy) is spyware developed by Gamma International in the United Kingdom, but now German companies are responsible for developing and selling systems. This bypasses the detection of over 40 types of anti-virus software, all the images shown on the webcam of PC are recorded, all the microphone sounds are recorded, and all the characters input by the keyboard are also recorded, It is a terrible spyware that can also intercept and block communication from. You can also intercept smartphone communications such as Android · iOS · BlackBerry · Symbian · Windows Mobile as well as computers of OS such as Windows · Linux · OS X.

You can easily understand how frightening Spyware is by FinFisher (FinSpy) by reading the following article.

"FinSpy" to record every action without being detected by antivirus software - GIGAZINE

FinFisher (FinSpy) became known to the public in Wikileaks in December 2011 "Spy filesWhen exposing the existence of "to the world. Since then, many researchers have revealed that FinFisher (FinSpy) has been used in countries around the world to monitor the movement of dissidents and journalists.

Julian Assanji, editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, says, "FinFisher, a monitoring tool sold by German companies, is still being used extensively and is most abused by government agencies around the world One thing is that German Prime Minister Angela Merkel is pretending to be interested in the privacy of individuals, but that is not quite the case.If you are interested in privacy, why the Merkel government Do you continue to protect FinFisher? Publishing the complete data of these spyware will help the technical community develop tools to protect people from these spyware "And tells why Wikileaks exposes FinFisher (FinSpy).

FinFisher has multiple software, "FinFisher Relay" and "FinSpy Proxy" are one of them. These are for sending data collected by FinFisher users via a network composed of anonymous connections and for disguising the identity of users and the place where data is finally stored. And "FinFisher Relay" and "FinSpy Proxy" are managed with software "FinSpy Master".

So FinFisher software released by Wikileaks is as follows.

◆ FinFisher Relay v4.30
Ffrelay-debian-4.30.ggi.zip(File size: 224 KB)

◆ FinSpy Proxy v 2.10
Finspy_proxy.zip(File size: 320 KB)

◆ FinSpy Master v 2.10
Finspy_master.zip(File size: 2.5 MB)

In addition, Wikileaks also distributes copy version of FinFisher (Windows version) one before the latest version which has not been published so far.

◆ FinSpy PC
Finfisher.1.zip(File size: 736 KB)
Finfisher.2.zip(File size: 576 KB)

In addition, Wikileaks speculates that FinFisher has recorded sales of 50 million euros (about 6.9 billion yen) so far, even if it is estimated to be less.

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