"Spy files" that can search for eavesdropping / surveillance system sales companies such as smartphones, Gmail, Skype, etc.

There are new industries in which 25 people are intercepting the mass communication of the whole population and it exists in 25 countries, and the number of companies is only about 160 companies currently confirmed, that incident on 11th September 2001 The profit of the industry as a whole has reached billions of dollars in a year, and these multinational surveillance and tapping system sales companies effectively sell to all countries of the world chaotically, police, military, information intelligence Wikileaks has exposed the information that such systems are purchasing this system on the net.

Wikileaks - The Spy files

This Wikileaks' new project cooperated with the Washington Post in the United States, the German Public Broadcasting Federation, the British Research Journalist Association, the Indian newspaper "Hindu", the Italian weekly magazine "L'Espresso", the French "OWNI" It is.

For example, in the case of a cellular phone, there exists a system that makes it possible to track the position even if it is in the standby state, and until now such monitoring system and communication interception has only one or two people Although it targets the target of communication and eavesdropping on the contents of communication, from the past 10 years until today it is standard practice to monitor and eavesdrop on every communication, for example "VASTech" Such companies permanently sell secret equipment to record national home calls, others can record the position of all mobile phones in cities in the 50 meter range, and the results that will affect every smartphone user It has become.

Egypt and Libya, which were dictatorships in fact, were actually purchasing these monitoring and eavesdropping systems, and when citizens overthrew these dictatorships, Gamma in the UK, Amesys in France, South Africa VASTech company · A monitoring room (listening room) using a system manufactured by ZTE company in China was discovered and it was said that all the citizen's online activity and a phone call etc were recorded .

In addition, the Czech Phoenexia company cooperates by creating a speech analysis tool in the military, making it possible to distinguish individuals by sex, age, stress level, and based on this "voice print" I am pursuing it.

In addition, Blue Coat in the United States and Ipoque in Germany sold tools to prevent the dissidents from being organized on the Internet against the governments of China and Iran.

Indeed, Trovicor, who previously met with a subsidiary of Nokia Siemens Networks, provided interception technology to track the human rights activist Abdul Ghani Al Khanjar against the Bahraini government, he interrogated · from the winter of 2010 to 2011 · It seems that when tortured I was able to show details of personal mobile phone conversation.

In addition, in January 2011, the National Security Agency of the United States launched construction of equipment to permanently store information and communications data (intelligence data) of terabytes of domestic and foreign terrestrial in the desert of Utah using the budget of 1.5 billion dollars doing.

The company involved in communications is also involved in this industry, for example, in the UK in August as an exposition, RIM, which sells the smartphone's OS "Blackberry", identifies customers that the government uses Blackberry We also propose a system that will help people in India, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to share the message exchanged by Blackberry's messenger function (in other words, peek at the data of the conversation We propose the function and find out that it was in negotiations.

And Wikileaks gets files and movies that these companies used to present to the government, police, military, information intelligence, Wikileaks got it, what kind of company in any country in the world is what kind of surveillance system made by companies It is also possible to embed in the page at the following site that made it searchable whether it is sold.

Wikileaks - The Spy files

A variety of outrageous systems are truly developed by these companies and have been found to be actually sold, and specific examples are the following products.

"FinIntrusion Kit" which deciphers the wireless LAN in 2 minutes to 5 minutes and intercepts writing of e-mails and tweets etc.

"FinSpy" to record every action without being detected by antivirus software

"FinFly USB" which enables remote monitoring of the PC just by inserting a USB memory

"FinFly LAN" to send remote monitoring software over the Internet or LAN

"FinFly ISP" disguised as update and installing remote monitoring software

"FinFly WEB" that you can remotely dominate your opponent's PC who only knows the mail address

"FinFireWire" which can analyze the login password and install monitoring software

"FINUSB" that you can easily copy all the information of the other party simply by inserting the USB memory

"FINSPY MOBILE" to make all communication and calls of smartphone such as iPhone / Android wiretaest

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