'FinFly LAN' that sends remote monitoring software via the Internet or LAN

'FinFly LAN' is software that can search for PCs in the same LAN and send remote monitoring software while downloading files. It is also possible to send software via the Internet when visiting a website, making it a fairly powerful monitoring software installation tool.

This is one of the companies listed in Wikileaks' new project,

The Spy Files , which allows you to search for companies that sell systems that monitor and eavesdrop on different people for government, police, military, and intelligence agencies. It is a product of 'Gamma' company, and PDF files and movies for actual presentations are released.

The Spy Files --Remote Monitoring & Infection Solutions: FINFLY LAN

◆ FinFly LAN

Product features
-Discover all computer systems connected to the local area network (LAN)
-Operates on the Internet connected by wire or wireless (IEEE 802.11)
・ By integrating with FinIntrusion Kit, network access is secretly performed.
・ Hidden and remote monitoring of what the target downloads
・ Infiltrate a remote monitoring system as a software update
· Remote monitoring system can be installed when the target visits the website
It has become.

The software itself has a very simple interface that anyone can use without any special training.

It is used as one of the modules of FinIntrusion Kit.

It is also possible to load different files into multiple targets.

The operation image looks like this.

This is how the investigator actually puts the file on the target PC with 'FinFly LAN'.

For example, this hotel.

There is a monitored person in one of the rooms, downloading files from the internet.

Investigators on the same floor. Find the target PC using FinFly LAN.

In a place like a hotel, all systems are connected to the same LAN.

After finding the target PC, the investigator sends

FinSpy to the target PC.

When I noticed, the target PC became infected with FinSpy ....

This gives the Investigation Headquarters full access to the target PC.

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