"FinFireWire" which can analyze the login password and install monitoring software

Even if your computer is always on and the password protected screensaver is moving or the target user is not logged in and you are still asking for a user name and password, Analyzing the password and logging in, you can install the remote monitoring software in the other's PC This "FinFireWire"is. As its name suggests,FireWireIt is possible to send monitoring software via port.

This is a new project by Wikileaks that can search companies that sell systems that monitor and tapping various people for the government, police, military, information intelligence "The Spy Files"Gamma" company in UK, one of the companies listed in the PDF file and movies for actual presentation are released.

The Spy Files - Tactical IT Intrusion Portfolio: FINFIREWIRE
The Spy Files - Tactical IT Intrusion Portfolio: FINFIREWIRE

The following is a list of distinctive functions.

◆ FinFireWire

· Unlock logon for all user accounts
· Unlock password protected screensaver
· Enable full access to files shared by users on the network
·ForensicFull memory dump for
· Forensics on the spot without restarting the target system
· The user's password is not changed or reset, so the other party is not noticed
· Operable via FireWire / 1394, PCMCIA, ExpressCard

This is the tactical unit of FinFireWire, I will bring this laptop computer

It is made very easy for everyone to use it very easily so that it can operate by clicking on software screen, mouse with software

Even if the target system does not have a FireWire port, you can use this PCMCIA adapter or ExpressCard adapter OK

Various bundled so that FireWire cables can be handled by any type

Easy to use, move to near target computer, start FinFireWire installed PC, connect to FireWire port of target computer, select the type of OS of the other, wait until the password is released only.

Let's see a commentary on how to actually use it

Here is a meeting room of a certain company

Investigators of the police casually and casually invading

Take out the laptop computer with FinFireWire installed and connect it to the other computer with the FireWire cable

Even in the locked state, the password is analyzed and login becomes possible

"FinSpy" to record every action without being detected by antivirus softwareIt installs remote monitoring software such as

The other party does not know anything, it infects, and you will be using a PC that is remotely monitored with remote control

And at the investigation headquarters, police, information agencies, great people of governments can monitor targeted parties, extract information, and can do whatever you want.

When you actually use the security measures such as "to erase all the files in the hard disk automatically when the power turns off" to the other's PC. Furthermore, even if measures such as "Encrypt all the files on the hard disk to make it unreadable" were applied, by using "FinFireWire" to pull out data remaining on the memory of the personal computer, that is, a memory dump, a hard disk It is also possible to determine the passphrase to be decrypted.

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