"FinFly USB" which enables remote monitoring of the PC just by inserting a USB memory

"FinFly USB" is software that installs the software automatically just by inserting the USB memory, and enables you to monitor the PC remotely. This is also Wikileaks'The Spy FilesIt is one of the softwares listed in.

The Spy Files - Remote Monitoring & Infection Solutions: FINFLY USB

◆ FinFly USB

SanDisk's 16GB USB memory. FinFly USB is in this USB memory anywhere.

Features of the product
· Remote monitoring method can be secretly installed in the target PC
· Little or no user intervention
· On a PC pretends to be a file that is like anything like a music file or video file
· Even if the target PC is turned off, it can boot from USB
· It is a USB device that hardware is everywhere and is not suspected

Integration with the Finspy series is possible, and activation will be done automatically when installed.

Then, how to actually use it is from here.

I assumed as a stage when a target person uses multiple Internet cafes.

There are multiple PCs in the net cafe.

An investigator will actually visit there.

I will install FinFly USB one PC at a time.

If you install it on all PCs of all net cafes, the work is completed.

The person to be monitored came to the net cafe.

And when I use Skype ......

It becomes a mechanism that all that appearance goes through the investigation headquarters.

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