It turned out that the NSA 's spy act extended not only to French President but also to large companies

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On local time on June 23, 2015,US National Security Agency(NSA) released confidential texts revealing that he was eavesdropping conversations and call contents of French presidents for at least six years from 2006 to May 2012 as an internal accusation site "WikiLeaks(WikiLeaks) "has been released.

US NSA eavesdropped French President or WikiLeaks revealed | World | Reuters

US NSA, eavesdropping on French President's phone or WikiLeaks publishing confidential documents

Eavesdropping of the President of the United States, France or "WikiLeaks" announced: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

It seems that they were targets of eavesdropping by NSA, including Former President Jacques Chirac (period of office: 1995 - 2007), former president Nicolas Sarkozy (period of office: 2007 - 2012), and current President François Oland Besides three presidents of the past, there are a wide range of cabinet ministers and French ambassador to the United States of America.

According to the confidential text released by WikiLeaks, it is clear that the President's secret meeting number was leaked, as it seems that telephone numbers of the direct president, government officials' cell phone numbers, etc. were tapped. Among the eavesdropped contents revealed in the confidential document, it was confirmed that former President Sarkozy was trying to resume peace negotiations with Israel and Palestine without the United States,European debt crisisIt also states that Greece will leave the euro and that President Olando cared about.

Following a series of reports, French President Oland confirmed that he will hold a defense meeting ......

Furthermore, direct telephone talks with US President Obama. In this telephone conference, President Obama promised "I will not do any spying acts on France".

President Obama tells Hollande US no longer spying on France - BBC News

However, on Wednesday, June 29, 2015, WikiLeaks released a new confidential text, and NSA's spying on France was targeted not only to high-ranking government officials but also to large companies, more than the imagination It turned out that it was.

WikiLeaks - Espionnage Élysée

New Wiki Leaks Documents Reveal NSA Spied On Top French Companies | TechCrunch

According to newly released confidential texts, NSA is a FrenchFrancois BallowanIt seems that Mr. Pierre Moskobisci and others were sniffing for the period from 2004 to 2012 and it seems that these politicians collected information on large companies that have a big influence on the French business circle. And it seems that NSA was investigating items of industrial products exported by these large companies. In addition, spy acts by NSA did not fit in that, and seems to have worked spy acts for corporate contracts of more than 200 million dollars (about 24 billion yen) tied at the French business circle, And it has revealed that it ran in various fields ranging from gas, petroleum and nuclear power generation, reusable energy related business and even healthcare technology.

A further problem is the fact that NSA shared information gained through spy acts with other government agencies in the United States, Energy Secretary, Secretary of Commerce, Federal Reserve System, Treasury Secretary etc. In addition, confidential text also suggests that the information NSA spied on France could have shared with the friendly countries Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

"Anssi", a French IT security organization, has more than 100 companies that are supposed to be targeted by NSA spy acts and includes the top 40 market capitalization listed on Euronext · Paris , And comments. It remains unclear whether NSA still continues to spy acts targeting French companies.

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