I've been eating "a full course of vegetables, which is a change of midsummer" at a moss operated vegetable restaurant

Moss burger is known as a hamburger chain sticking to vegetables, and the shop has a board on which the production place and producer's name are written. An affiliate of such Mos BurgerMoss diningThere is a shop in Shibuya that provides a vegetable menu sticking to the concept of "the power of vegetables and the grace of the earth"GREEN GRILL"is. From Monday August 18 (Monday) we collected vegetables of different kind from the whole country "It's a change of midsummer full course of vegetables"Is provided. Unrecognizable vegetables such as Green Mallow and Kolinkey are also used and I went to eat because I was concerned about the taste.

Introducing the full course of vegetables in the midsummer | MOS Dining

GREEN GRILL's address is "Shibuya-ku Tokyo Shibuya 1-chome 23-16 cocoti building 3F" and it's about 5 minutes walk from Shibuya station.

CocotiArrived in front of the building.

GREEN GRILL on the third floor is designed to be able to go soon by escalator.

Arrived on the third floor by escalator.

GREEN GRILL is right there if you arrive on the third floor.

In front of the shop there is also written "concept of vegetable power and grace of the earth" and the atmosphere is totally different from the appearance of Moss.

In front of the shop there was no menu of 'Full course of vegetables' which is a change of midsummer.

When you enter the shop, the clerk will guide you to your seat.

Alcohol is also placed a lot.

A lot of wine was also placed.

The seat is a type of seat surrounding the desk ... ...

Two-seat seats

The back seat was a little rich atmosphere.

There is a plate with a description of the vegetables.

As soon as I arrived, I changed my mind summer, so I ordered a full course of vegetables.

First of all, "Meyer lemon and herb squash" arrived before meals.

Meyer Lemon and herbs are on, green leaves extending from the center are raw lemon grass.

Meyer lemon sipping in syrup is sinking at the bottom.

Mayer lemon is refreshing with a scent like orange and lemon multiplied. It is perfect for summer hot weather, especially with soda with a good fragrance because raw ingredients are included.

The second item is a cold dish "Baked eggplant and ginger cold potage with white whips and raw ham".

Tips of tomato skins are on the edge of the plate.

Olive oil was floating in the potage.

First of all I will eat from raw ham and white celery floating in the center. While the soup is cold, the taste of the baked eggplant is powerful, and the taste of vegetables can be felt firmly so that it is not defeated by the taste of raw ham. Celery is like a three-leaf texture, and although it has less habit than grown up, it smells chewy celery peculiar fragrance. Nobiru Nojiri under the ham was sweet and compatibility with the deliciousness of ham was outstanding.

Kaga thick cucumber (cabbage and cucumber) is quite large cucumber, but it is not watery, it has a pleasing texture and it fits well with the taste of potage.

"Green gnocchi ~ homemade gnocchi of a hound and a baron potato ~" of a hot dish felt the scent of wormwood when arriving at the table.

Green gnocchi kneaded with ho and baron potato is somewhat softer, with a texture like a combination of white ballads and potatoes. The taste of rice was felt firmly with discreetness and discreetness. The sauce made with cheese and garlic is slightly heavy, but since the taste of vegetables is solid, there is no such thing as killing the taste of the material.

Green mall is a new variety born from zucchini and pumpkin, sweet and close to cucumber texture.

Corn sprout is a sprout-like texture, you can feel the sweetness of biting and chewing.

Next, fish dish "summer vegetables and seafood summer Bouilla base". Not only vegetables but also the head of the shrimp are plenty packed, and the soup of the base is the soup stock, tomato and onion of the snapper are used.

The shrimp is impregnated with Buey based flavor and it feels nice. Because the shrimp miso is contained, a little bit of richness will be added when mixed in Bouillabass.

The sea bream is also a soft texture, and it's good without disappearing umami.

Mussels were full of umami.

The stickiness of okra is unexpected to match a thick fish sushi of Bouya base.

Although bitter gourd has a bitter taste, it was felt that the habit was not so strong when eating it with Bouillabass.

White goya has less habit than blue goya, so it's worth trying even people who are not good.

The combination of tomato sour and buey base is iron plate. In fact it has a sour taste and makes her mouth feel refreshed.

Yellow corn has a sweet taste and well matches the taste of Bouillabass.

White corn Pure white felt more sweet than yellow corn.

Pepper pepper is not so strongly pungent, it has a taste close to Shishito.

Kolinky is a sort of pumpkin, a slightly sweet taste was felt.

Sengoku bean (sengoku mame) tasted like a bean paste, more sweet and stronger taste.

Bread was offered together at the timing of summer vegetables and seafood summer Bouilla base come out.

Since the soup remains at the end, it may be good to let the bread soak in the soup and eat it.

"Mitsuse chicken and various mushrooms oven baked grassy butter butter flavor", chicken and vegetablesSTAUBMadeCocotteBaked goods in a dish. It is seasoned with special butter sauce made with parsley, shallot and garlic.

One of the strange mushroomsMakomoMushrooms are a kind of Gramineae and have a texture close to that of Elingi. Excellent compatibility with sauce using butter.

In addition to Makomo mushrooms, there are also shimeji etc., mushrooms were abundant.

The boiler onion is strong in sweetness and excellent with compatibility with butter and garlic.

Mitsuse chicken uses breast meat, it has plenty of umami and is compatible with sauce. In the course it was a slightly heavy menu.

The dessert "colorful of young peppers and watermelon young gold trousers" is brilliant.

Glapalyfaf was fresh and sour, and it fits well with the taste of syrup.

The round tipped watermelon has a refreshing taste.

Wakamachi has a sweet taste and can eat seeds with a texture of about halfway between plum and peach.

The yakitori Kinshi melon (Wakabari kimushi) is a taste similar to cucumber, but the sweetness of the fruit of the compote was stained without discomfort. The texture is shabby.

A drink comes out at the end and the course ends. The price is not cheap at 4860 yen including tax, but you can eat vegetables which can not be bought first at the supermarket, so if you like vegetables you may eat once.

The full course of vegetables is a special menu until Monday, September 15 (Monday).

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