"Moss for adults" tried to eat thick Teriyaki burger at the concept "MOSCLASSIC"

Mos Burger is a "hamburger restaurant" with the theme "Adult's place of rest"MOSCLASSIC(Moss Classic) "opened on 27th November 2015 (Friday). Shops that are full of special menus such as extraordinarily elaborate hamburgers that do not seem to be using the same materials as ordinary stores, à la carte dishes that match wine, coffee to extract one cup at a time using light siphon I listened, I actually went to the shop and tried various premium menus.

MOSCLASSIC - Hamburger restaurant for adults -

Arrived at a shop in MOSCLASSIC. It is open as of December 2015,Moss Classic Sendagaya storeIt is only one store in.

The address is 8 - 11 Sendagaya 1 - chome, Shibuya - ku, Tokyo, "Mos Burger Tokyo gymnasium front" closed and it is a newly opened store as "MOSCLASSIC Sendagaya store" in November 2015. The nearest stations are Sendagaya station of Sobuya line and National stadium station of Toei Oedo line, about 5 minutes on foot from the station.

When I visited the shop in the evening, a menu table of dinner time was posted on the shop front.

In the shop, table & sofa seat ... ....

There is a counter seat.

When you sit in the counter seat you can see the state of cooking in front of you.

Patty for hamburgers seems to be doing elaborate cooking that closes the lid first and then steaming it carefully and baking the surface caliciously fragrantly.

In the case of Teriyaki burger or Chili sauce burger, further sandwich the patty with a small pot, then sandwich with buns and vegetables.

For ease of eating it was easier to cut thick patties, the table had a large fork and knife with jagged edges.

Also, in the back of the counter seat, there is a counter seat with a little bit taller back and atmosphere like a bar. The number of seats is 58, including the outdoor terrace.

When I sit down, it feels like this.

There are five full-fledged siphon coffee makers lined up in front of the counter.

Light is installed at the bottom of a spherical glass container, and the water that entered the container glows glittering and it is very stylish.

Actually extracting siphon coffee is as follows.

Looking at the fast forward movie, it is like this.

Upon reaching the seat, a menu of upholstered is prepared, it is quite far from regular moss stores, and it is the impression that it is sophisticated shop as "shop name" classic.

From the menu, I ordered some barger menus, soup and so on.

In addition, there are abundant alcohol menus, and there are various types of alcohol such as wine and beer.

Wine was put in a wine cellar installed in the store.

It's about 15 minutes to wait, firstly "Clam chowder"(500 yen including tax) arrived. Popular with mossClam chowderWe are upgrading to a lot of tools.

Moss' clam chowder contains clams, bacon, onions, potatoes and other ingredients, but the Moss classic clam chowder each ingredient is larger than usual and more crisp toasted bread is added .

Clams were sinking at the bottom of the dish. When you drink it, the soup itself will be crispy, but the rich taste of the cream will spread out throughout the mouth. Since the aftertaste is as smooth as it is, it seems to be able to drink any amount.

The ingredients that were cut so large as to spill out of the spoon are softly cooked and finished in a very rich taste with the clam chowder's mouth penetrated.

"Moss tomato burger salad"(880 yen including tax) used fresh tomato boasted by Mos burgerCapreseWind salad.

Compared with the iPhone 6s Plus, it is about half the height of the iPhone, it is quite a volume full mark.

Tomato mozzarella Cheese and vegetables are alternately sandwiched in a burger style to create a unique style unique to hamburger shops.

Dressing using purple onion and parsley is applied to the surface.

Try cutting it in half like this. Cut a whole piece of tomato thickly, with mozzarella cheese, lettuce, basil in between.

When trying to eat, the fresh tomato umami jangs out and it gets overwhelmed, refreshing dressing and other vegetables are outstanding. Mozzarella cheese has mochi - mochi and chewy tomatoes and mozzarella cheese as well, so satisfying feeling is high, so if you come to Mos Classic you definitely can say that you are ordering one item.

"Moschikin Esca Besh"(780 yen including tax) is a soy sauce flavored moschikin with marinated vegetables.

Compared to the size iPhone 6s Plus, the length is about a little smaller than the iPhone.

On plenty of chicken fried in crisp and fox color, plenty of paprika, onions, raisin marinade are on.

Try cutting the chicken and it looks something like this, the body part is smoother than it looks.

When eating with marinade, the sourness of chicken and marinade that seasoned with soy sauce is exquisite balance, well with the curry-flavored sauce well, it tastes that I have not ever eaten. I am surprised to upgrade so much by adding one time to the Mosc chicken.

"Teriyaki chicken champignon cream"(880 yen including tax) was offered in an iron pot of Atsu.

Teriyaki chicken with its surface shiny and glittering ... ...

Mushroom cream with mushrooms, shimeji and maitake.

Chicken is crisp in skin, sweet flavor tastes well in chicken. Rich taste that I wanted white rice and bread without thinking. It seems to fit well with wine.

When you eat with mushrooms, you can enjoy the mushroom taste and the taste of the deep cream, plus a different flavor.

Furthermore, at the last bite, Teriyaki sauce and cream sauce were mixed in the iron pot, and it turned into a tremendously rich taste.

"Moss Classic Teriyaki Burger"(1100 yen including tax) is provided at regular moss stores, only lettuce and PattyTeriyaki BurgerCompared with price (360 yen including tax), it is 3 times more price setting.

However, the Moss Classic Burger menu is characterized by standard potatoes coming.

Compared to iPhone 6s Plus, the size of a hamburger has about two thirds the height of a terminal. In order to prevent the burger from collapsing, I stuck a comb in the center and supported it.

Taking the top buns, there is a juicy looking patty, and the surface is painted with teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

Beneath Patty, fresh tomato, sliced ​​onion, lettuce.

Since the wrapper dedicated to the burger is prepared, I will pull out the comb, wrap it in paper and eat it.

When I opened it with a big mouth and eat it, the meat juice overflowed from hot patties, and it was very juicy taste involving sweet teriyaki sauce that blended soy sauce and miso. Since the amount of vegetables as much as thick patty is contained, the taste is never too much, and despite using the same material as a normal moss store, it makes a big difference in taste by sticking to the cooking method It is.

Salt is moderately effective in potato, it is thick and hokuhoku. It was a satisfying taste that there was a menu of potatoes separately.

The opening hours of MOSCLASSIC are from 10 o'clock to 23 o'clock, the lunch & cafe time is from 10 o'clock to 17 o'clock, and the dinner time is from 17 o'clock to 23 o'clock.

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