New UX design "Material Design" of the next Android "L" is a movie that understands what kind of movement animation is done

Google I / O 2014Next-generation OS announced at "Android LIn the new UX design different from the conventional "Material Design"Will be adopted. The appearance of Android L's real machine action demo adopted by Material Design has been released, and it is contents which understand what kind of design Material Design is and how convenient it will be.

Android 'L' hands-on | Google I / O 2014 - YouTube

Android L works Nexus 5.

The first eye-catching change is a button icon changed to Δ · ○ · □. From the left, "back" "home" "multitasking"

This is UI design adopting Material Design.Card designHas been adopted.

UX designAs intuitive operability is realized by making it easy to judge "Material that exists" by animation display such as color change and ripple spread when tapping icons or cards.

Tap the icon of □ (multitasking) ......

With this feeling the application under operation changed to overlapping in card design.

The card can be freely selected by scrolling up and down.

You can display the currently running application, setting screen, etc. in a batch on the card.

It is also possible to swipe cards left and right and erase them easily.

A big feature of Android L is an alert screen that pops up.

Of course pop-up alert works on lock screen so we will not miss new arrival information. This is a mail notification alert.

Swipe down the alert ... ...

The window was expanded and a text box appeared.

By typing the body and tap "REPLY (reply)", you can reply to the mail with haste without releasing the lock each time.

Swipe down at the top of the screen Android familiar quick setting panel has also been changed. In the demonstration video, the reply panel of the mail appears first, and by further swiping ......

The quick setting has been expanded and displayed. From this, it can be expected that it is possible to register the application with priority over the quick setting.

With the new design "Material Design" different from conventional Android, it seems that it is certain that the operability of Android L is up.

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