Au summer new model "AQUOS PHONE SERIE" haste photo review, NFC & Felica double installation + WiMAX + waterproof dust

At the au's new model presentation venue "AQUOS PHONE SERIE ISW 16 SHSince it was announced, I succeeded in photographing with a hasty photograph review. It has been on sale since late June 2012.

AQUOS PHONE SERIE ISW 16SH | Smartphone | au

AQUOS PHONE CL IS17SH | Smartphone | au

AQUOS PHONE SL IS 15SH | Smartphone | au

"With a high-definition visual in the palm of your hand", with WiMAX installed, about 4.6 inch large screen high-definition high vision LCD mounted, even with the surroundings bright, improved visibility with "outdoor view", further refined design UI " Feel UX "equipped, Sharp's original" direct tracking function "realizes smooth touch operation, plus the world's first NFC & Felica double loading, large capacity battery and energy-saving application" Eco technique "also installed. Also, it is casually waterproof / dustproof.

The size of the camera is about 66 (W) × 126 (H) × 11.2 (D) mm, the battery capacity is 1800 mAh, the size of the camera is 161 million pixels (sub 3110 thousand pixels), the memory 16 GB, the weight is about 136 g, The CPU is 1.5 GHz, the OS is Android 4.0, the tethering is a maximum of 5 units.

Next is "AQUOS PHONE CL IS 17SH", a waterproof / dustproof slim smartphone with memory liquid crystal which can display watch and incoming notification at all times.

In addition, "AQUOS PHONE SL IS 15 SH", a smartphone with a numeric keypad with a combination of smartphone and mobile phone ease of use.

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