Entire waterproof dustproof compact size + smart fingerprint sensor + 0.5 second launch camera equipped smart "ARROWS ef" photo review

4.3-inch HD liquid crystal (1280 × 720), ROM is about 8 GB, RAM is about 1 GB, battery is about 1800 mAh, CPU is dual core 1.5 GHz (MSM 8690), OS is Android 4.0, "NX ! Eco "adopts Ultra Tough Guard plus which scratches and fingerprints are difficult to attach, maximum 8 tethering, Bluetooth · infrared · 1 seg · NFC · Osaifu-Keitai · waterproof and dust-resistant compatible smartphones are au 2012 new products"ARROWS ef"is.

ARROWS (arrows) ef (F) FJL 21

Arrive at booth

Spec table

Color is three colors, soft blue · pink gold · solid black

Just push on "fingerprint sensor" ON / OFF on the screen

This is a fingerprint sensor

The size is width 62 × height 127 × thickness 10.7 mm, weight about 139 g.

The main camera has about 8.1 million pixels, the sub camera has about 1.2 million pixels

Having it in your hand

Aspect etc.


Numeric keypad for dialing

0.5 second activated camera, shooting interval is also 0.5 seconds fast

software keyboard

Handwriting input possible from the top


Landscape display

Looking at how it works with movies looks like the following.

ARROWS ef FJL 21 Demonstration Movie - YouTube

ARROWS ef FJL 21 Product introduction video - YouTube

The release date is November 2, 2012.

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