Optical camera shake compensation with 13.1 million pixel camera + 4.7 inches + waterproof dustproof · NFC including all smartphone "AQUOS PHONE SERIE" photo review

It is scheduled to be released on November 2, 2012 with optical shake compensation compatible backside illumination type with about 13.21 megapixel camera, even with movie shooting can record while stereo recording with 2 microphones, about 1.24 million pixels in camera can also be taken brightly Back side illumination type It adopts the hand mirror function which can show yourself and can check the grooming, ROM is about 16GB, RAM is about 1GB, battery is about 2040mAh, CPU is dual core 1.5GHz (MSM 8960), OS is Android 4.0, OS is Android 4.0, tethering is maximum Up to 10 sets, Bluetooth · infrared · 1 seg · NFC · Osaifu-Keitai · waterproof and dust-resistant au 2012 smart phone models of all-in-AQUOS PHONE SERIE"is.

AQUOS (Aquos) PHONE (Fong) SERIE (Serie) SHL 21

Arrive at booth

Spec table

Color is three colors, matte black, clear blue, brilliant pink

The size is 68 × height 130 × 11.2 mm thick, weighs about 148 g



About 4.7 inches S-CGSilicon Liquid Crystal (1280 x 720) with low power consumption Uri

Camera function

Numeric keypad for dialing


software keyboard

Looking at GIGAZINE like this


At another color another little different atmosphere

There is also an optional clip display, and if you use this

Like this, the size is connected by 25 x 96 x 9.3 mm, Bluetooth 2.1, microphone · receiver (for call) · Built-in vibrator. If there is only this at hand, you can talk, you can check e-mail text, remotely control the smartphone by voice.

The display has a touch panel of 2.2 inches



The movie that looks like to actually operate is as follows.

AQUOS PHONE SERIE SHL 21 Demonstration Movie - YouTube

AQUOS PHONE SERIE SHL 21 Product introduction video - YouTube

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