Telephone · mail · Home button is for a senior with big hard key "Simple smart" haste photo review

"Easy push feeling touch" which distinguishes "touch" and "push" by features of large character screen display and large button, easy to use even on screen or place which could not be enlarged with previous smartphone "Easy Zoom" that can be magnified and displayed on the screen, "Simple layout home screen that all functions can be used by just scrolling up and down", sticking to how to make it easy for seniors to use "Simple smartphone SoftBank 204SH (made by Sharp)"is.

Simple smartphone SoftBank 204SH (made by Sharp) Overview | SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp.

Arrive at booth

This is an actual machine

The size is about 64 × 128 × 12.0 mm, the weight is about 130 g, about 4.0 inch TFT LCD with WVGA (800 × 480 dots), the CPU is 1.4 GHz single core (MSM 8255), ROM is 4 GB, RAM is 1 GB, Battery is 1800 mAh, OS is Android 4.0

On the side is written "power", which is very easy to understand


Reverse side



The main camera has about 4.9 million effective pixels (CMOS · AF compatible), the sub is about 300,000 effective pixels (CMOS)

Proper waterproof dust specification

Easy-to-view phone mode

Mail also looks like this

In addition, the release is from May 10, 2013.

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