Automatically prepare three meal recipes just by deciding the calorie of the day needed for diet "The automatic meal planner"

ByGeoff LMV

Even if I decide to dietIt is very difficult to keep onSometimes it gets bored early with just the same menu everyday. So I was born, just fill in the calories required for the day, automatically decide the daily menu · net service that will bring out the recipe "The automatic meal planner"is. Since it is possible to set detailed points such as the time spent on cooking and the upper limit of ingredients and meals to be used, the meal menu suitable for that person is displayed.

The automatic meal planner - Eat This Much

How to use is a simple thing just filling in the number of calories you want to eat per day, how many times you will eat a day, and clicking "Generate!"

Click "Not sure?" If you do not know the calorie intake required for 1 day.

Then, you can calculate calorie intake according to three styles of "Weight Loss", "Maintaining Health", "Making Muscle". We set the method of filling in height to "Metric" and selected "male" "1 m 70 cm" "70 kg" "35 years old", body fat "medium" and activity level "moderately active".

After filling in the necessary items, click "Calculate".

Then, the calorie to be taken and the minimum amount of carbohydrate, fat and protein are displayed at the bottom of the screen, so click on "Use these settings" if there is no problem.

Confirm that the "1975" kcal calculated earlier is entered and press "Generate!".

Then, a menu of three meals in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening was displayed. On the right side of the page is the balance of "fat", "carbohydrate" and "protein", which can be customized.

When you press the update mark on the left side of each menu, the menu is changed so you can update it even if weak food comes out. You can also see the detailed ingredient table by placing the cursor on the menu.

Irish traditional dishesBacon and cabbageAlthough it was displayed in breakfast, it is also possible to drag and drop to a menu of lunch.

Click "Recipi page" under cooking name and you will see the necessary materials and how to make like this.

Also, when feeling that the menu is insufficient, click "Add a dish" in the upper right of the page. Since the menu that can be added is displayed at the left end, it can also be dragged and dropped and incorporated into the menu. Since total calories of each meal and total calories of the day are also displayed, we will add it while making adjustments.

As an option, it is possible to set the amount of salt, the limit of food and meal cost to use, the time taken for cooking, etc.

So, I tried out a menu of a day.

Breakfast is 1 avocado and 1 cup non-fat yogurt.


For lunch, all-American tuna, 19 pecans, 1 cup of couscous.


And dinner was 2 egg salad sandwiches.


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