All of au (KDDI) 's 2012 new winter product All images Summary

It took place on October 17Au new product launchIt is a summary of the image of all 10 au winter models announced at. Please click with people who are browsing from smartphone etc. or watching on slow line.

◆ HTC J butterfly HTL 21(Scheduled to be released in early December 2012)
· Japan's first large screen, ultra-high definition 5 inch full HD display
· OS is Android 4.1
· 1.5 GHz quad core, large capacity 2 GB RAM




◆ Xperia VL SOL 21(November 2, 2012)
· Thinness 8.7 mm
· Approximately 13 million pixel camera
· One Seg / FeliCa / NFC / Infrared / Waterproof Dustproof





◆ GALAXY S III Progre SCL 21(November 2, 2012)
· The screen does not disappear while looking Smart Stay
· Large capacity memory 32 GB

Omega Blue

Marble white

◆ AQUOS PHONE SERIE SHL 21(November 2, 2012)
· Optical camera shake compensation with approximately 13.1 million pixel camera
· "4.7 inch S-CGSilicon liquid crystal" realizing power saving

Clear blue

Brilliant Pink

Matt black

◆ ARROWS ef FJL 21(November 2, 2012)
· 4.3 inch HD liquid crystal
· Smart fingerprint sensor and high speed camera
· Saving energy according to usage situation "NX! Eco"
· Ultra tough guard plus scratches and fingerprints are difficult to add plus

Solid Black

Soft Blue

Pink gold

◆ Optimus G LGL 21(November 2, 2012)
· 1.5 GHz quad core CPU, RAM 2 GB
· Ultra high resolution IPS liquid crystal & large capacity battery for rapid charging
- New sensation UI that realizes "while" while displaying two tasks in a superimposed manner

Astro Blue

Prism White

◆ DIGNO S KYL 21(November 2, 2012)
· Ultra large capacity 2520 mAh battery, fast charge compatible
· Smart Sonic Receiver with clear calling in noisy places




◆ VEGA PTL 21(November 2, 2012)
- Built-in motion recognition function "VEGA Motion"
· One Seg / Felica / NFC / Infrared / Waterproof · Dustproof

Precious white

Lux Black

◆ G'sOne TYPE-L CAL 21(November 2, 2012)
· 5 sensors (air pressure, gyro, acceleration, heading and temperature) mounted
· Waterproof / dustproof / shock-resistant toughness smartphone
· G'sOne cloud service "LIVE G" that shares information among users and feels the earth
· Equipped with new functions such as "G-SHOCK" cooperation by Bluetooth 4.0



◆ AQUOS PAD SHT 21(Scheduled to be released in early December 2012)
· 7-inch new-generation display "IGZO" loaded
· It is possible to write with pen
· Tablet that can be held with one hand, lightweight design

Feel Black

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