Sony's "BRAVIA Phone S004" equipped with a 1 GHz high-speed CPU haste photo review

Today was doneAu's 2010 summer model recitalSony Ericsson's mobile phone "BRAVIA Phone S004We will deliver a photo review of.

High-end smartphone released from NTT docomo on April 1Xperia (SO - 01 B)"By installing the same" Snapdragon "processor that drives at 1 GHz, it achieves a crisp operation of about 2.3 times (when comparing the autumn-winter 2009 model) of the conventional cellular phone, and also achieves the first 60 It is a dual open mobile phone equipped with "motion flow Lite 60 frames" corresponding to frame display,"Au Wi-Fi WIN card" to add wireless LAN function to mobile phoneIt also corresponds.

Details are as below.
This is "BRAVIA Phone S004" which will be released as au summer 2010 model.

By installing Snapdragon, 1 GHz drive is realized.

There are three kinds of coloring, onyx black with platinum white, and lame processing on stardust pink.

The liquid crystal display is about 3.2 inches full wide VGA TFT liquid crystal. We have about 0.9 inch organic EL display on the back.

The key feels flat

On the back side, equipped with 8.08 million pixel auto-focus camera for camera shake correction

right side

Left side


It is possible to use it as a vertical screen ...... while setting it sideways.

Hinge when opening sideways

By installing "motion flow Lite 60 frames", you can watch One Seg comfortably comfortably.

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The official page of the au mobile summer 2010 summer model is below.

2010 Arashi × au summer new model new appearance! | ARASHI × NEW COLLECTION 2010 SUMMER | au by KDDI

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