Check docomo's high-performance smartphone "Xperia (SO - 01B)" with high resolution photograph

EarlierNTT DoCoMo announced "Xperia (SO - 01B)" made by Sony Ericsson as the latest model of smartphoneI will introduce it with a high resolution photo.

It is equipped with a large screen touch panel of about 4.0 inches, as a smartphone an 8.1 megapixel camera with considerably high picture quality, a 1 GHz CPU and so on as well as a Japanese input assist function "POBox Touch 1.0" evolved for full touch screen mobile Although it is a smart phone that realized ease of use and very high performance by installing it, two types of coloring are developed.

Details are as below.
This is "Xperia". Color ring is Sensuous Black

Viewed from an angle

This is raster white.

The official site of "Xperia (SO - 01B)" is from the following.

Xperia (TM) | Products | NTT DoCoMo

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