Easy-to-operate smartphone "MIRACH IS 11PT", phone and e-mail feel like this

New product information meeting held todaySimple smartphone announced at "MIRACH (MIRAC) IS 11 PTFollowing the photo review of the model, we will deliver movies with phone call origination and mail creation using the interface called "simple mode" installed in the same model.

I used "One Touch Dial" which makes it easy to send phone calls and send e-mails. Tap "One Touch Dial" on the menu screen, tap the person you want to contact frequently, and then press "Dial". It is designed to operate intuitively.

MIRACH IS11PT "One Touch Dial" that you can talk with 3 Touch - YouTube

I created an e-mail using "Overwrite Handwritten Character Recognition" which realized smoother handwritten character input on Android terminal for the first time. Unlike dial key input, QWERTY keyboard input, and flick input, we adopt the most straightforward method of "write letters yourself."

Handwriting input of MIRACH IS 11 PT - YouTube

Product information of "MIRACH IS 11PT" is as follows.

MIRACH IS11PT | Smartphone | au by KDDI

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