"Pocket WiFi S" hasty movie review, Android smart phone which becomes a wireless LAN router with one touch

Photo review that we deliveredFollowing the announcement today "Pocket WiFi S (S 31 HW)We will deliver a quick movie review of.

"Pocket WiFi S" is intentionally sealed by each companyThe tethering function of Android 2.2It has become an Android smartphone with the function of the mobile WiFi router "Pocket WiFi" which is a popular product of the company by daringly loading it, but how much response is it a model that works with just how much?

Details are as below.
First scroll the menu screen. Especially, there is nothing wrong with response.
YouTube - Scroll through the menu screen of "Pocket WiFi S"

Next I looked at Google Maps. Since it is not compatible with multi-touch, we use the zoom button to enlarge / reduce the map, but since the display is small according to the compact body in the first place it seems that there is not much "inconvenience because there is no multi touch".
YouTube - I looked at Google Maps with "Pocket WiFi S"

The character input screen looks like this.
YouTube - Transliteration of "Pocket WiFi S"

It is possible to enable "Pocket WiFi" function with one touch.
YouTube - Switch "Pocket WiFi S" to Pocket WiFi mode

Although it is not as spec as the latest high-end smartphone, I received the impression that "Pocket WiFi S" is a model that firmly pressed the basics.

"Pocket WiFi" is usually used in combination with smartphones, but as smartphone's batteries run out and pinch "as supplementary machines and so on, it seems to be sufficiently active, thinking of a contract for" Pocket WiFi " Users who are thinking about changing models from "Pocket WiFi" can be an option.

The official site of EMOBILE is from the following.

E-Mobile official website

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