"MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi TBi 11 M" movie review, Android 3.0 tablet with high resolution LCD and dual core CPU

I delivered it a while ago.Photo reviewFollowing today, todayKDDI's spring model new model presentationPublished in "MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi TBi 11 M"Movie review will be delivered.

The latest tablet-oriented OS Android 3.0 "Honeycomb", a dual-core CPU, a high-resolution display and other models are equipped with a 1080p full HD movie and FLASH content also supported playback, exactly the phrase "the latest model" is perfect It has become a model.

Details are as below.
First I scrolled the home screen.

YouTube - Tap & Slide Home screen of "MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi TBi 11 M"

Character input is like this. QWERTY keyboard and flick input are also available. In addition, it can also be used as a desktop computer sense with a combination of a dock and Bluetooth keyboard that are released as options.

YouTube - Flick input & search with "MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi TBi 11 M"

I just watched YouTube. You can enjoy video content with high resolution LCD of 10.1 inches, 1280 x 800.

YouTube - Watch YouTube with "MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi TBi 11 M"

Transition from Google Maps to Street View is also comfortable. "MOTOROLA XOOM Wi-Fi TBi 11 M" is a tablet terminal of the wireless LAN compatible model, but by using the tethering function of the mobile router and the WiMAX compatible smartphone released today "htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11 HT", comfortable communication even on the go Is possible.

YouTube - crispy transition from Google Maps to Street View

The IS series official site is below.

Android au - au smartphone (IS series) | au by KDDI

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