WiMAX smartphone that works crisply "htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11HT" movie review, tethering also possible

Photo review that we deliveredToday was done followingKDDI's spring model new model presentationPublished in "Htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11HT"Movie review will be delivered.

Tethering is finally banned, wireless LAN compatible equipment also has a maximum downlink of 40 Mbps,Transfer amount unlimitedIt is an Android smartphone compatible with both 3G and WiMAX which can use the high speed communication standard "Mobile WiMAX", but it combines high speed lines and crisp operation of the main body, realizing very high completion degree.

Details are as below.
First scroll the menu screen. Despite using QUALCOMM's first-generation Snapdragon "QSD 8650 (1 GHz)" as a processor, Android 2.2 that enables high-speed operation and HTC's user interface are adopted to realize crisp operation .

YouTube - "htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11 HT" menu screen

The app list also looks like this. I do not feel stuck at all.

YouTube - scroll through the "htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11 HT" application list

Photographs of 8 million pixel size by back camera. It is an impression with very little time lag of photography.

YouTube - taken with the 8 million pixel camera of "htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11 HT"

Browsing using downlinking maximum 40 Mbps and WiMAX line with unlimited transfer volume is like this. High speed operation of the main unit and high-speed line couple together very smoothly. If you subscribe to the packet flat rate plan "IS flat (5460 yen per month)" you can use the mobile WiMAX service "+ WiMAX" is only available for 525 yen per month. In addition, charges for "+ WiMAX" are free until August.

YouTube - Browse with WiMAX compatible smartphone "htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11HT"

I turned on the tethering function which can simultaneously use up to 8 wireless LAN compatible devices. The tethering function will be available in about 10 seconds.

YouTube - Launches tethering function of "htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11 HT"

Unlike conventional au terminals, unlike conventional au terminals, it does not correspond to the frequency of the old 800 MHz band at the point of sale, so there are areas where radio waves are unstable in some areas such as rural areas at the beginning of the launch Although it is "htc EVO WiMAX ISW 11 HT", it is quite useful to be able to unite mobile routers and smartphones. Including measures to use high-speed lines very cheaply, is not it a model that shows au's "serious"?

The IS series official site is below.

Android au - au smartphone (IS series) | au by KDDI

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