MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M Super fast movie review, what is the power of Webtop to realize PC anywhere?

Photo review that we deliveredFollowing on, it was held todayAutumn / Winter 2011 recitalWe will deliver movie reviews of KDDI's latest smartphone "MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M" which appeared in.

First I tried watching YouTube. Thanks to NVIDIA's Tegra 2 processor and high-speed line "mobile WiMAX" with a maximum downlink of 40 Mbps and uplink maximum of 10 Mbps, video loading is extremely smooth. Is not it comfortable to say exactly?

Watch Youtube comfortably with MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M - YouTube

I tried browsing GIGAZINE. Though it often takes time to read with 3G lines, WiMAX can read articles with many images because it is crisp.

Comfortable browsing with MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M - YouTube

This time I combined with an optional HD station and used "MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M" mirror mode. When playing back the movie, removing the main body from the HD station automatically stops the playback, resuming it on the HD station will start the resume play ... ... adopted the mechanism.

MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M Mirror mode - YouTube

Furthermore, I used "webtop" which is also the main function of "MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M". On the left side, the mobile view displaying the mobile phone's screen itself is displayed, browsing using Firefox pre-installed on the right screen is possible. Of course you can send and receive e-mails and browse movie sites, so by carrying around with "MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M" and HD station you can realize "anywhere PC".

MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M Webtop Demo 1 - YouTube

MOTOROLA PHOTON ISW 11 M Webtop Demo 2 - YouTube

The future can be chosen. | Au by KDDI

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