The brightest smartphone in the world "Optimus bright L-07C" movie review

Photo review that we deliveredFollowed by,NTT DoCoMo 's summer 2011 presentation held todaySmartphones equipped with the world's brightest IPS liquid crystal "NOVA display" announced at "Optimus bright L-07C"Movie review will be delivered.

In addition to a display that is bright and easy to see, it is the same model that emphasizes usability more than catalog specifications, such as a dressing cover that can be replaced according to the mood of the day, but comfortably performs scrolling of menus and character input In addition to being able to do, it has a function that can feel detailed care.

Details are as below.
First of all scroll through menu screens. Even though it has become Android 2.3 for all models from the summer 2011 model, it works especially without stress.

YouTube - Optimus bright L-07C crisp touch panel operation

When using a smartphone, when moving the icon to another page, the touch may not be recognized at the edge of the screen, and it may take time to operate, but in order to solve such inconvenience, If you tilt the main body while holding down the icon, it has an unusual touch action that can detect the tilt and move the icon page.

YouTube - Optimus bright L-07C Behavior of moving icons without original dragging

It also features the ability to stop music playback just by hiding. Although it seems that it is not a frequently used function, I can feel a detailed care.

YouTube - Optimus bright L-07C stops audio playback when lying down

Character input is like this. It is unlikely that it will be unlikely that irritation will arise as the input of letters is tough.

YouTube - Flick input for Optimus bright L-07C

Main features of the 2011 summer model | Products | NTT DoCoMo

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