World's thinnest smart phone "MEDIAS" movie review, a model that restrained the basic by millet movement

Photo review that we deliveredFollowing this, NTT DoCoMo will deliver a movie review of "MEDIAS (N - 04C)" announced today.

It is not a model with dual-core processors and high-performance video engines like the above "Optimus Pad" and "Xperia arc", but it is the world's thinnest 7.7 mm ultra-thin that fits snugly in the pocket of the suit We realized 105 grams of lightweight body in type, and we adopted Android 2.2 for OS and realized the millety behavior by having it upgraded to 2.3.

Details are as below.
First, slide the home screen. Especially it works with millet without clogging. The second generation Snapdragon "MSM 7230 (800 MHz)" is adopted as the CPU.

YouTube - Slide operation on the MEDIAS home screen

The character input screen looks like this. Despite being a thin terminal, some users say that they are concerned about the strength of the display because they are equipped with a large screen display of about 4.0 inch full wide VGA (480 x 854), but it is rigid By adopting an excellent gorilla glass it is clearing the strength problem.

YouTube - Mail character input with MEDIAS Japanese keyboard

Since it is possible to take pictures with shooting intervals of about 1.1 seconds, it is sufficient to think that you will save photos in large quantities, but you can display the gallery as crispy.

YouTube - Scaling of images is also crispy, image browsing at "Gallery"

Details of three models of smart phones announced today can be checked below.


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