I tried writing sentences with "REGZA Phone IS 11 T" full keyboard

New product information meeting held today, A smartphone equipped with a full keyboard "IS11T"Since the real machine finally appeared, I will deliver the movie with a sentence actually sent.

First of all Japanese input. QWERTY keyboard installation model may differ in key arrangement etc depending on the manufacturer, so you may need to get used to comfortable using it, but impression that you can hit crisp even if you are not so used. Moreover, the hold feeling of the main part is also quite good, and there is nothing particularly hard to have.

Japanese input with REGZA Phone IS11T full keyboard Part 1 - YouTube

Because ATOK is adopted as character conversion software, it is also possible to convert after inputting a long phrase at a stroke. Because it learns the phrase that you entered, you can expect more comfortable character input as you use it.

Japanese input with REGZA Phone IS11T full keyboard Part 2 - YouTube

Of course the alphabet input is also crispy.

English input with REGZA Phone IS11T full keyboard - YouTube

Character input using a touch panel is a mainstream smart phone, but in addition to being a familiar character input method on a personal computer, there is no clicking feeling when inputting, the screen never hides with fingers ... in terms of hardware There should be people who feel that it is merit that the keyboard is installed.

In the beginning of the key arrangement, you can also say "take notes with blind touch while listening to the other party's story", so it is not a good idea to keep a person who uses Gashigashi characters input suppressed.

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