Docomo's Android tablet "GALAXY Tab" which can be operated lightly Actual machine movie

Photo reviewSubsequent to "CEATEC JAPAN 2010"Exhibited at the venue"GALAXY TabWe will deliver a movie that seems to actually operate.

The Google search window is displayed on the menu screen, so you can search easily with crispy moving key touch. The response is fast overall and combines the necessary and sufficient functions and actions to use on the go.

"GALAXY Tab" operation movie is from the following. Since we have a catch phrase "I will have the Internet", I decided to try Google search first. Response of key touch is also good, predictive conversion derived from the input character and Google search candidate can be seen at the same time.

YouTube - Google search on "GALAXY Tab"

Even if you try to slide the menu screen smoothly, you can operate it comfortably without particular attention.

YouTube - I tried moving the menu screen of "GALAXY Tab"

The operation of the camera is also quite fast, making it possible to preview imaged images immediately.

YouTube - A picture of "GALAXY Tab" camera shooting

From the viewpoint of using the tablet on the go, it seems to be the most stressful that the user feels "heavy" at the time of operation or carrying when it is used, but the important thing is that both the response and the main body weight are lightweight It felt like I was trying to compete against the iPad in terms of "lightness".

Details of "GALAXY Tab" can be seen from the following.

GALAXY Tab SC-01C | Products | NTT DoCoMo

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