29 places of the world that you want to visit at least once before you die

There are various sightseeing spots in the world, but there are places where you can see the amazing mystery of nature that seems to be very scenery of the earth, and the history of human culture can be felt by the skin There are beautiful city streets and so on that can be done. The things to be listed below are 29 places of the world's places that I'd like to go to once before I die.

Amazing Places Around The World You Need To Visit Before You Die


A monolith with a height of about 600 m from the water surface in Norway's fjord. It is called "Preikestolen (English: Preachers Rock)" which means "a speech stand" because the top forms a square of about 25 meters square.

2. Blue cave (Greece)

"Blue Grotto"The place called Capri island of Italy is particularly famous, but there are similar caves all over the world, this is the GreekZakynthosThe blue cave. Zakynthos is the largest island in Ionian Islands and is an island named after children in Taldanos in Greek mythology.

3.Skaftafett National Park(Iceland)

Skaftafett National Park is located in the southeastern part of Iceland and is the largest glacier in Iceland in the parkVatnajökull GlacierAnd the best in IcelandKwan Nadal SuvukurukuruAlso included.

Four.Plitvice Lakes National Park(Croatia)

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in Plitvice Lake County, close to the Bosnia and Herzegovina border, and water flowing out from the mountains is connected by a waterfall, forming 16 lakes in a staircase shape, the lakeside each It is a mysterious terrain that shows various shades such as azure, Prussian blue, gray and so on.


Jiuzhaigou is a nature reserve located in the Abba Tibetan Chamber Autonomous Region in Sichuan Province, a freshwater lake area of ​​Karst topography ranging from 2000 m altitude to 3400 m altitude, with more than 100 large and small swamps. It is said that the lake has a blue color, and it is known that water appears to be blue even in a very shallow place.

6.Bora BoraFour Seasons Hotel (French Polynesia)

Bora Bora is located about 260 km northwest of Tahiti Island with the capital city Papeete, island which is said to be the most beautiful in French Polynesia, surrounded by the main island of about 30 km per lap and about 40 km of reef around it.

7.Paterswoldse MeerIce skating at (Netherlands)

Paterswoldse Meer in Groningen, the Netherlands, is known for ice roads in winter and you can see the people skating on it. The bottom movie is a picture taken by a person who actually skates at Paterswoldse Meer. The sunset setting is magnificent.

Ice skating Paterswoldse meer jan 2009 - YouTube

8. Marble · Cathedral (Chile)

The marble cathedral on the Lake General Carrera in the southern part of Chile is a marble cave, the limestone walls are shaved by waves and are known for drawing beautiful marble patterns.

9. Cardens of Marqueyssac (France)

There are nearly 200 nomads recognized by the Ministry of Culture in France, but Marqueyssac is one of them. The garden was built in a position to look down the Dordogne Valley at the end of the 17th century and thousands of boxwood trees were planted in the middle of the 18th century and trees like strange shapes like sheep going along the countryside lined up is.

10. Ice canyon (Greenland)

Greenland is the largest island between the Arctic Ocean and the North Atlantic Ocean, the majority of which belong to the Arctic Circle, and over 80% of the islands are covered with ice sheets and perennial snow. The topography of the photo is a canyon formed by snow melting ice and the depth can reach as much as 45 m.

11. Suspension Bridge of Capilano (Canada)

Located in the westernmost part of Canada, facing the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver, British Columbia, is a city full of tourism. The capillano suspension bridge of the photograph is a long suspension bridge with a length of 136 m and a height of 70 m from the river surface connecting the Capillano Valley and North Vancouver.

12.Moraine lake(Canada)

Moraine lake is a glacial lake in Banff National Park, formed by melt of glacier. Background is a very beautiful lake that has a series of peaks called Ten Peaks which was adopted as a pattern of 20 Canadian dollars and praises the clear turquoise blue lake.

13.Martonoma Falls(America)

Martonoma Falls is a waterfall in the state of Oregon, United States of America, and the waterfall is divided into two layers, an upper portion of about 165 m in height and a lower portion of 21 m. The origins of this waterfall are spoken in the legend of the local American indigenous people. A long time ago, the daughter of the chief of the tribe who was exposed to the plague prayed to God at the top of the cliff, listening to the voice that the plague would stop if you sacrificed yourself, throwing himself from the cliff and dying It was. The chieftain who found the daughter's body at the bottom of the cliffs grieved and grieved, and shouted that if the daughter's sacrifice was not in vain, it cried out that it could show the testimony, it was said that water had fallen from the top of the cliff and became a waterfall of maltonoma It is.

14.Waterfall of Serranthosforth(Iceland)

Serralantos is a huge waterfall in the southern part of Iceland, with a maximum drop of about 40 m, there is a cavity hollowed out behind the waterfall, from the back of the waterfall that you can see the sky with the falling falls It is unique peculiar topography.


Petra is a ruins located between the Dead Sea of ​​Jordan and the Aqaba Bay. It was a natural habit made on a steep cliff and flourished as an influential city of the ancient Nabatheans from the 1st century BC. About 64 B.C., it was occupied by Roman general Pompey, after that the construction of the Roman style building began and mixed culture was done. It is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as "A type of building, a group of buildings, an accumulation of technologies, or a remarkable example of landscape" that exemplifies an important era of human history.

16. Verdon Canyon (France)

The Verdon Canyon in Provence in France is said to be the deepest canyon in Europe, the most deep place is about 700 m and the length is 25 km. It features a turquoise blue vibrant lavishly green color.

17. Wineglass · Bay (Australia)

Australia is the most popular spot in Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, this wineglass bay. One of the best beaches in the world is a popular sandy beach often picked up by a travel agency, characterized by a beautiful curved coastline, deep cobalt blue water, and a gentle wave.


Alesund is a port town on the coast of Norway,Jugend / Steel styleIt is known for its streets. Jugendstille is a style with a philosophy of "congruence of composition and decoration", which respects simple and functional-oriented features, while one-off artistic and one and only designs are respected and Japanese ukiyo-e It is said that it is also influenced by French late impressionists and others.

19.Chittorgarh Fort(India)

Chittorgarh Fort, IndiaRajasthanIt is a huge fort in the area surrounded by the flatland, which is about 2.8 square kilometers in size and the highest part is 1075 meters above the ground. Currently 22 reservoirs are set up in the fort, and it seems that you can store 4 billion liters of water.


Located on the eastern Riviera coast of Italy, Riomaggiore is known for its colorful and pretty design houses and it is one of Italy's best diving points. On the west side of the station, the quayside path "Lovers' path" continuing to the next station Manarola is continuing.

twenty one.Keukenhof Park(Netherlands)

The Keukenhof Park in the Netherlands is a park gathering a variety of flowers in the world, and in the spring 7 million bulb flowers such as tulips, hyacinths, daffodils are blooming across the entire 32 hectares of gardens. The flower exhibition held outdoor has been held every year since 1949, and beautiful flowers are delivered from all over the world.

twenty two.Pinggun TownofFujiwara nightlight(Taiwan)

"Ten light" is a type of hot air balloon which Mr. Zhuge Ming was invented, and it is said that when the army of Komei was surrounded by the Army of Shiba, it requested relief by the lights I will. In the southern part of China,Late night passageThere is a custom that emits a light on the head and praying for disease-free breathing, especially in Taiwan's Pingxiang, there is a large-scale event called "Lantern Lamp". The movie below is a Taiwanese television program that was filmed where the light is actually emitted. A large amount of sky light floating in the night sky floats makes a fantastic sight.

Xiahe Ping Xing Tian Lamp ~ Taiwan Folklore Activities Criticism (Pingxi sky lantern festival) - YouTube

23. Coyote Butte (USA)

America'sColorado PlateauAs rock masses are stacked roughly horizontally from 1,500 meters above sea level to 3350 meters above sea level and the climate is in the semi-arid zone, there are many special erosion terrain such as canyons, cliffs, natural bridges, peaks, rock columns, monoliths To do. Especially at Coyote Butte in Vermilion · Cliffs National Monument, you can see the pattern of undulating rock wall.

twenty four.Mount Roraima(Venezuela)

Mount Roraima located in Canaima National Park in Venezuela is said to be visible to a huge warship when looking from afar from the altitude of 2810 meters, the cliffs that stand close to 1000 meters. On the top of the mountain there is a special terrain such as Crystal Valley where crystals are falling on one side and Ventana with a hole in the rock and it is formed by being scraped by heavy weather and rain, a monkey licking ice cream You can also see bizarre rocks in the form of elephants.

twenty five.Seychelles(Seychelles Republic)

Seychelles is a nation composed of 115 islands of the Indian Ocean, a member of the British Commonwealth, which is also called "the pearl of the Indian Ocean" from the beauty of the sea, and as a world heritageValle de Mé nature reserveAndAldabra AtollWe also have.

26. Magnificent Wall Restaurant in Sanjeong-dong (China)

Sanjeong-dong is a cave on a steep cliff in Hubei Province, in the old Tang dynasty poetWhite rainWas visited with his brother and friends and is known for writing poetry called "Samutake Tatei". Today, restaurants are set up in this cave and you can enjoy your meal while watching the scenery like in ink painting.

27. East Iceland (Iceland)

There are various fjords and glaciers in eastern Iceland, Batona Glacier, the largest glacier in Iceland, and Sayjifiljusle, the city of historical fjord.


The city Lucca in Tuscany, Italy was originally a city held by Etruscans, but the Romans came to occupy the majority of the inhabitants during the reunification of Italy by ancient Rome. Beautiful medieval architecture such as Romanesque style Duomo and San Michele in Foro Church are lined up.

29.New York(America)

New York City is the largest city in the United States, with a population of 8 million in the city area, over 22 million people in the wide area metropolitan area, by GeopolisWorld's second largest in the estimated population and area of ​​urban collective areas in 2010(By the way it is Tokyo in 1st place). It is a world city that has tremendous influence on the world's commercial, culture, fashion and entertainment, not to mention the place to sight, such as the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Broadway Theater and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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