A movie "4K Fjordlapse Norway" that can experience the beautiful nature of the fjord created by glacial erosion

The complex geologic bay and cove formed by the erosive action by glaciers is called "FjordI call it. This is a geographical term based on the Norwegian common words, but the fact that I made a breathtakingly beautiful fjord in Norway, the birthplace of the fjord, as a 4K time-lapse movie was "4K Fjordlapse Norway"is.

4K Fjordlapse Norway on Vimeo

The movie starts from a sky full of stars.

The water in the bay reflects the valley like a mirror.

The characteristic of the fjord is that the width of the bay does not change so much from the mouth of the mouth to the bay, yet that it becomes very long and thin. In addition, many of the fjord coastlines are cliffs except for the bay, and it is clear that the following fjords also exist in the cliff walls.

The appearance of the bay at the bottom of the valley of the cliff is also visible as the mountain sank in the water.

A state of the bay reflecting the cliff of the fjord as a mirror. Since the movie is a time lapse movie, the state of the ripple water that creates ripples is also reflected, but other landscapes are stopped at a stretch and fall into a very magical feeling.

It reflects the elongated bay of the fjord. Unlike the previous picture, which was greenish, I can realize that the seasons come to the fjord as well.

Of course it does not seem that everything that surrounds the bay is a cliff.

A cloud that flows like a living thing.

The cliff that surrounds the fjord is said to be high, it is said to exceed 1000 meters. However, the width of the bay is about several kilometers, and the contrast between narrow bays and rising valleys may create a mysterious landscape.

It is like this when taking a picture looking down on the fjord from above the valley.

A digging hut built totally at the bottom of the valley.

Awesome water surface, the image reflected like a mirror fluctuates swayingly.

A lighthouse nestling in the fjord.

From a snow-covered valley ......

You can feel various seasons until the fjords where snow melts and you feel green.

The contrast between green and clouds is a beautiful fjord.

Everywhere you see, the valley of the fjord is surrounded by a terrible cliff. How long have these characteristic terrains been produced over the years?

Beautiful mirror stretch to the extent that you do not know where the water is.

Although it is a lush fjord, in the movie, things that seem to be creatures can not be seen.

A blue, green, yellow and colorful fjord.

A small digging hut is built every now and then, this is also part of the landscape like a part of nature.

A boat will flow from time to time in the bay of the fjord.

The movie last projected the mountain ......

This is the end of being swallowed in the sea of ​​clouds full of sight.

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